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Welcome to HowToCookThat, I'm Ann Reardon and today we are making 10 BEST Oreo recipes!
Most of these are quick and easy so you can make some yourself this weekend or just watch
the video and wish you got to come over to my house and eat them :)
At number 1 we have the classic 3 ingredient oreo truffles.
For this you will need Oreos, cream cheese and chocolate.
Rather than boring you with all the quantities for every recipe I'm just going to list them
all for you on the howtocookthat.net website for you and I'll link to that below.
Put the Oreos and the cream cheese into a food processor and process on high speed until
it begins to form a ball.
Now if you don't have a food processor you can just use a rolling pin and crush up the
Oreos into a powder in a bag.
And then pour them into a bowl, add the cream cheese and mix those together well.
Take a tablespoon of that mixture and roll it into a ball and place it on a tray.
By using a tablespoon you will make sure that each one is exactly the same size.
Once they are made put them in the fridge to firm up.
Now that they are chilled dip each one in chocolate just by dropping it in, covering
it over, and then using a fork to lift it out.
Tap it on the side of the bowl to get rid of any excess and place it back onto the baking
paper on the tray.
You can do them all in white chocolate or do a mixture of white and milk or you could
use dark.
And then drizzle them in the contrasting coloured chocolate just using your fork and letting
it run down over the truffles.
Or for something different, you could decorate them by sprinkling on some crushed Oreos.
For a more complex Orea truffle with the little white bit in the middle of each truffle you
can see my chocolate truffles video I'll link to that below.
At number 2 we have Oreo Freakshakes.
Take a tall glass and smother around the top in tempered chocolate just spreading it all
the way around.
Dip the chocolate into roughly chopped Oreos so you get them all over the glass and then
put that into the freezer for a couple of minutes.
Place a generous amount of ice cream into a blender and add Oreo Thins and some milk.
And blend on high speed until it is smooth.
I'm using Oreo Thins, not normal Oreos here and that's because there's a higher ratio
of filling to the biscuit bit, which means we are going to get more of that vanilla filling
taste in our milkshake.
Add some more chocolate to the inside of the glass and then pour in the thickshake.
Pipe the whipped cream around the rim at the top of the glass then into the centre and
up in the middle.
Drizzle that with more chocolate, then decorate with mini Oreos and serve immediately.
At number 3 we have Deep Fried Chocolate Oreos.
To make these you'll need one batch of the donut dough and you need to let that rise
once - if you don't know how to make Donut Dough search for "Reardon and Donuts" and
you'll find the video on how to make that.
Break off a piece of the dough and flatten it out, then add an Oreo to the centre.
And then wrap the dough around the Oreo squeezing it together and sealing it in, rolling it
slightly to smooth it out.
And you want to place those on a tray and leave them in a warm place to rise.
And you're like me, you may want to add an extra square of chocolate to each Oreo before
you enclose it in dough, so you get a bit of gooey chocolate in each one.
After they have risen place them in hot oil and let them fry on each side until they are
golden brown.
Then dip the tops in sugar and place them on some paper towel.
Serve them while they are still hot so you get that gooey melted chocolate in the middle.
At number 4 we have 3-Ingredient Oreo Fudge.
All you need for this one is Oreos, sweetened condensed milk and white chocolate.
Roughly chop your Oreos and then pour the sweetened condensed milk over the white chocolate.
I love way sweetented condensed milk just runs down.
And then heat that in the microwave until the chocolate is melted.
Stir it together well until you can't see any more streaks of melted chocolate and then
add in your Oreos and stir again, you don't want to over-mix this because we want big
chunks of Oreos in it.
Pour that into a lined tray, then spread it out right into all of those corners.
Add mini Oreos on top or you could use some chunks of normal Oreos if you don't have minis.
Then place that in the fridge to set.
Once it is firm use the baking paper to lift it our of the tin.
Then slice it into even squares and place onto a board or plate to serve.
Next is Super-Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches.
All you for this is icecream and 2 packes of Oreos.
Take one pack and smash it using a rolling pin and then pour that into a bowl and then
leave it for a few minutes to soften.
Stir it all around to mix the Oreo chunks and the Oreo crumbs all the way into the vanilla
And then once it is mixed you could eat it just like this or tip it into a lined baking
tray, spread it out, and put it back in the freezer for an hour or two to re-harden.
Open up the other packet of Oreos and remove the filling.
Then use a cookie cutter to cut cylinders of ice cream.
Place one end on a cookie and then push the icecream out of the cutter and then add another
cookie on top.
And you have an Oreo icecream sandwich.
You are going to want to place those in a freezer of course until you are ready to serve
Next, we have to make an Oreo Cheesecake...
For this you will need cream cheese, sugar, milk, cream, Oreos, chocolate, gelatin, water,
butter and more Oreos for the base.
Melt the margarine or butter in the microwave.
Process one lot of your Oreos until you have fine crumbs - or you could of course bash
these with a rolling pin like I showed you earlier.
Then add in the melted butter and stir to combine.
Line the sides and base of a container with non-stick baking paper and then add the Oreo
And spread that out to make the base of your cheesecake.
Place that in the fridge while we make our filling.
Add the cold water to the gelatin, stir well and leave to one side.
Place the cream cheese and sugar into the bowl of an electric mixer and mix together
until you have a smooth mixture.
Now add in your milk and whip together until there are no lumps.
Now you want to split that mixture into three bowls - one, two, three, making the third
one slightly bigger.
To the bigger bowl add some vanilla and stir that through.
And for our second bowl crush up a packet of Oreos, just hit them with a rolling pin
again, it doesn't matter if there are still some chunks in there, we can have some big
bits and little bits, that's fine.
And then for the last bowl you want to take a scoop of the cream cheese mixture and stir
it well into the melted chocolate, then add that back into to the bowl and mix it together.
Place the cream in a separate bowl and whip to form soft peaks.
Place the gelatin in the microwave to melt it.
Split the whipped cream up evenly between the three bowls.
Add three tablespoons of gelatin to the vanilla bowl and fold it altogether.
Pour the vanilla layer onto the base and then put that back in the freezer for about 15
Add 2 tablespoons of gelatin to the Oreo layer and mix that together really well so your
cream and gelatin are all mixed in.
Then pour the Oreo layer over the vanilla one and return it to the freezer.
Once it is starting to set we are ready for our chocoalte layer but by now your gelatin
will definitely be set - just microwave that again for 20 seconds to melt it.
Add it to the chocolate mixture, folding it together, mixing it up really well and then
pour over the Oreo layer.
You want to give it a little shake to smooth it and then put the whole thing back in the
freezer overnight.
Freezing it just makes it easy to get it out of the container.
All you need to do is put it in some hot water until you feel it loosen from the edges.
Then you can pull it out, peel the baking paper off the bottom and place it on a cake
stand or plate.
Peel the paper off the outside and then pipe dollops of cream going around the outside
dragging it in towards the centre of the cheesecake, Once you get all the way around the edge then
just start to make another smaller circle in the same way on top of that cream about
half-way in.
Then when you get to the middle add some extra cream piled up in the middle and then place
Oreos around the top and some Oreo wafer sticks piled up in the middle.
Finish that off by sprinkling it with some crushed Oreo.
And then you want to cover that in plastic wrap and let it defrost in the fridge overnight
before serving.
For number 7 it's time for me to invent some new recipes for you - how about a super easy
2 ingredient Oreo mousse.
I have a theory that if I chuck a packet of Oreos in a bowl with a carton of cream, cover
in plastic wrap and leave in the fridge overnight - then by the morning the Oreos should be
soft and it should whip up into a thick mousse without the need for any other ingredients
- hopefully.
It's working!
It's thickening up beautifully.
Place that into serving glasses and decorate with mini Oreos and a sprinkling of grated
Yummmy and so EASY to make.
At number 8 we have the cutest mini cakes you've ever seen.
All you need for this is cream, icing sugar, vanilla and of course Oreos.
Add the vanilla and the icing sugar to the cream and whip that until you get firm peaks.
Place an Oreo on some baking paper, add some cream, another Oreo, more cream - don't worry
if it goes over the edge that's fine.
Top with another Oreo, more cream and now spread the cream evenly around the sides and
level off the top so that it looks like a tall cake.
Now I'm going to decorate this one with sprinkles on the side all the way around and a little
icing flower on top in the middle and more sprinkles.
Now if you leave these in a sealed container in the fridge for a few hours or overnight
before serving the Oreos will soften and then it will be like layers of cake.
You will of course probably need to make one cake per person.
Next we have Mint Oreo Plant Pots.
All you need for this is some of my easy 2 ingredient Oreo mousse and a little peppermint
essence to taste.
Stir it together and spoon into mini plant pots.
I like to use glazed ones so they can be washed in the dishwasher.
And then spoon some crushed Oreos over the top.
You can spread this around and flatten it down but then make sure you sprinkle some
extra loose bits on top so it looks like dirt.
Just before serving add a sprig of mint into the top of each one.
And these will have your guests asking "are they edible?"
followed by "how did you make them?"
Number 10 is OREO ART and this one is over to YOU!
Take an Oreo, open it up and draw something - anything - in the icing.
Take a picture of it and upload it on the Howtocookthat Oreo recipes page (there's a
link to that below).
Or you can just go there and vote for you favourite ones that other people have done).
And the winner will get a cool prize pack, all the details are on the website.
Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more crazy, sweet creations.
Press the BELL to turn on notifications and then you're really actually subscribed.
Here's more 10 best recipe videos for you, this is the link to my website and this is
the latest video.
Make it a great week by baking for a friend and I'll see you on Friday.
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Top Ten Best OREO Recipes in 10 minutes | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

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