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Hey I'm coach collin castellaw with shot mechanics basketball and today your going to learn how
to do the Kyrie Irving double behind the back move. Alright so in game one in the eastern
conference finals vs the raptors Kyrie pulled off a sick double behind the back move and
I got flooded with requests on social media to cover it so I decided I would bring it
to you today now Kyrie Irving has and incredibly sick handle and this is a great example of
a combo move to get by your defender so listen to these keys and hopefully you can plug this
into your game. So the double behind the back is actually a little bit of a difficult move
but if you can add it to your game and follow a couple keys it makes it a lot easier so
the move actually starts with a small set up crossover to get the defender leaning in
one direction first now that they are off balanced your going to hit them with a double
behind the back combo now the 1st move here is really just a set up behind the back you
are trying to get them leaning the other way so you can hit them with the 2nd behind the
back so there are a couple main keys to the first behind the back number one you want
to keep your body leaning in the direction you want to attack check out how even if the
ball is moving to the left Kyrie is leaning to his right because that is the direction
he is wanting to explode towards. Next your leg explosion you notice that once Kyrie throws
the first behind the back move he keeps his inside leg ready to spring so as soon as he
puts the ball back around he can explode towards the hoop most of the time your going to do
this move it doesn't work quite as well to be a reactionary move but instead it's something
you want to premeditate on the courts so remember the 3 main keys. 1- A mini set up crossover.
2- try to keep your body leaning in the direction you want to go. 3- keep your leg loaded and
ready to explode as soon as you hit the second behind the back. Alright if this video helped
you out go ahead and hit that like button then head down below to the comment section
and let me know what you want to see next. This is a channel ran for the people by the
people so I pretty much run everything of request. So leave it below and hopefully I
can get to it. Next thing your going to want to do 3 things 1- your gonna want to hit the
subscriptions 2nd thing your going to want to do is click the button above or in the
link in the description and get a free copy of my number one scoring workout this is a
scoring workout that is going to change the way you think about training and it's probably
increase your scoring average the very first time you use it. the 3rd thing you are going
to want to do is follow me on snapchat @shotmechanics my username is shotmechanics and we are doing
all sorts of behind the scenes stuff so you are going to want to check that out as well
again I'm coach Collin Castellaw with shot mechanics basketball thanks for watching and
until next time Splash on!
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How to: Kyrie Irving Double Behind the Back (CRAZY HANDLE) | NBA Basketball Moves

748 Folder Collection
陳致燁 published on April 12, 2017
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