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  • Hello, I’m I’m Harold 哈囉,我是Harold

  • Hello, I’m Ivan. 哈囉,我是Ivan.

  • Welcome toHot English Classroom”! 歡迎來到“Hot 英文教室”

  • Ivanhave you been to Xinying? 你有去過新營嗎?

  • Xinying? No, I haven’t. 新營?喔!我沒去過,

  • But, I’ve had Xinying’s famous bean sprout noodles, though. 但是我有吃過新營的豆菜麵

  • Oh wow! So you know about the bean sprout noodles? 哇喔!你也知道新營的豆菜麵

  • Yup! I’m quite a food connoisseur. 對啊!我可是美食通喔!

  • In fact, I’ve had most of Tainan’s local street food! 台南的小吃我大部分都有吃過!

  • Do you have any other recommendations? 新營有推薦的景點嗎?

  • Yes, I do! The Xinying Art Park is very popular right now! 有啊!最近新營的美術園區非常受歡迎!

  • An art park? What’s special about it? 美術園區啊!喔?有什麼特別的嗎?

  • Oh, it’s very special. 有啊~

  • There are works from No2Good, an illustrator who has designed 這些作品是插畫家不二良設計的

  • a number of cute mouse statues. 有很多可愛的小鼠

  • You can go count how many of them there are! 可以去算一算總共有幾隻!

  • Really? I guess I’ll have to go check that out! 真的!那一定要好好參觀一下!

  • It must be an awesome place to take photos! 一定非常適合拍照!

  • That’s right! They are really colorful 沒錯!色彩繽紛,

  • and they are good for taking pictures! 拍照的效果非常好!

  • Oh, by the way, Xinying has great parks, too! 而且,新營有很多漂亮的公園可以去走

  • Parks? 公園?

  • You bet! Nanying Park and Swan Lake Park 對啊,有「南瀛綠都心公園」和「天鵝湖公園」,

  • have their own special charm. 各有不同的特色喔!

  • Nanying Park is right across 「南瀛綠都心公園」

  • from the Tainan City Hall 就在臺南市政府

  • and the Bureau of Civil Affairs! 民治市政中心對面啊!

  • Right. There are often markets 沒錯,這裏常常會舉辦市集

  • or other events held there. 或者戶外活動

  • Do you have any other recommendations? 新營還有其他推薦的景點嗎?

  • There’s the Xinying Railroad Culture Park. 你也可以到新營鐵道文化園區走走,

  • It used to be an old sugar refinery. 那裡是以前的糖廠,

  • You can see classic trains on display there. 可以看到舊式火車

  • The Xinying Sugar Factory? 新營糖廠嗎?

  • Oh! I’ve heard they have some fantastic ice cream there! 聽說那裡的冰很好吃!

  • Yup! From there, you can take a narrow-gauge train 沒錯,而且園區還可以搭五分車

  • down to Balaoye Station in Liouying. 到柳營八老爺車站喔!

  • Narrow-gauge trains were used to 五分車是以前糖廠運送

  • transport sugarcane to the sugar factory! 甘蔗的小火車耶!

  • But, do they still work? 現在竟然還可以行駛?

  • Yes, they do! It’s quite a ride! 對啊!沿途可以欣賞

  • There is a beautiful country scenery along the way, too! 柳營的田園景色,非常漂亮喔!

  • Oh! Balaoye Station, I’ve heard of that. 喔!我知道八老爺車站,

  • I’ve heard they have some famous milk hot pot there. 那裡的牛奶火鍋非常有名!

  • You can even milk a cow there! 而且還可以擠牛奶!

  • You really are a food connoisseur! 你果然是美食通!

  • Of course, I am. 當然囉!

  • Now, it’s time for us to review! 讓我們來複習一下!

  • Okay, let’s review! OK!複習一下!

  • Let’s review today’s vocabulary! 讓我們一起複習今天介紹的重要單字吧!

  • Xinying 新營

  • bean sprout noodles 豆菜麵

  • street food 小吃

  • attraction 景點

  • take a photo 拍照

  • park 公園

  • recommend 推薦

  • narrow-gauge train 五分車

  • milk a cow 擠牛奶

  • Did you get all that? 都記起來了嗎?

  • I got it. 我都記起來了

  • See you next time onHot English Classroom”! 英語小教室,下次見囉!

Hello, I’m I’m Harold 哈囉,我是Harold

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