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- So, you've gone through a lot
and you seem just happier than ever.
And I assume you are happier than ever.
I'm so happy to be here.
- Yeah. - Here and here
in the wider sense. - Yes, in the wider sense.
But you have gone through a lot,
and it seems like, you're just in a
better place.
And how did you move through some of the tough times?
- Well, I mean, I don't think I've gone through a lot
in terms of really on the world scale.
- Well, you know, yeah. - But I know what you mean.
I think if you're lucky enough to be in a band
with your best friends and you look at the world
in the right way, then you'll understand
that everything that's happened to you
can be alchemized. - Mm-hmm.
- Which is an "English" word. - Yes.
Yes, it is. - Do you have that?
- No.
- I have to ask, so Chris, I'm sure,
has a hard time being out in public
and having people recognize him.
Are you able to live a fairly normal life?
Are you able to walk-- - I have a hard time
getting in to our gigs.
- Sometimes I look over, I'm like,
"Who's that guy?"
- No, but it must be nice to actually being in a biggest band in the world
and then you get to walk around and have a normal life.
- We're not from One Direction.
- Oh, oh I thought you were--
- Don't--everyone does this. They confuse us.
They say you're the biggest band in the world.
How's Harry, how's everyone? - Yeah.
- But no. That's not us.
- You actually are a big supporter of Harry's.
- I'm a big fan of Harry's, yeah.
- He's very talented. - He's lovely.
I wanted to open a barber shop with him
called Harry Stylez, but wouldn't--
- He won't do it? - He won't do it.
- Oh, he's missing out. - He doesn't call me back.
I think-- do you speak to either one?
- Yeah, I bumped into Harry a few times.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
- We love those guys, but we're from a different band.
- Oh, I was thinking of One Direction.
- We're from Old Kids On The Block.
- If you do the barber shop-- - Oh, with Harry.
- Thank you so much. That's wonderful.
- Oh, look at that. - Awesome.
- Yeah. - You really made it.
- Yup, we already made it for you.
- Thank you so much. - How could he refuse you now?
- I don't know. - Yeah.
- But he does. - I know.
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Coldplay Catches Up with Ellen

43639 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on April 13, 2017    韓澐 translated    Hsin reviewed
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