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My surname is Sheldon
No, it's "My NAME is Sheldon"
My NAME is Sheldon.
What's this?
That's what you did!
I've seen in a number of languages where the gesture is a part of the phrase.
Well it's not.
Why am I supposed to know that?
As the teacher, it's your obligation to separate your personal idiosyncracies from the subject matter.
You know, I'm really glad you decided to learn Madarin.
Once you're fluent, you'll have a billion more people to annoy instead of me.
Syphillitic Donkey
You just called Leonard a syphillitic donkey.
My apologies Leonard, I'm only as good as my teacher.
Show me your citrus peels.
Show me your citrus peels.
Show me your citrus peels.
Show me your citrus peels.
Hey Sheldon
Oh my, you scared me to death!
I'm sorry. Look, do you have a second?
A second of what, pair of underwears?
Two seats right there.
Long live concrete?
Thank you!
Your monkey sleeps inside me!
Show me your mucus! Your mucus!
Blow your own nose and go away!
This is not a tangerine bicycle!
Crazy man. Call the police!
No, don't call the library. Show me your mucus.
Oxen are in my bed! Many, many oxen!
Ay ya
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sheldon speaks mandarin

9142 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on May 2, 2017    Kristi Yang translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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