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I am Topher from Timber Creek Kayak and Canoe here to talk to you about some
whitewater kayaks. So whitewater kayaks are great for the
those kayakers who want to navigate whitewater in turbulent rapids,
surf waves or even take part or multi-day expeditions.
A few examples are the whitewater kayaks we carry at Tumalo Creek
include the Jackson Rock Star the Dagger Mamba
and the Pyhranha Fusion. Some common features
among whitewater kayaks in general most of them are shorter
and a lot rounder than most kayaks out there making them much easier to
I like to break whitewater kayak into the five different categories: the first
category being play boats
similar to this Jackson rock star behind me
next is river running play boats which would be the Jackson fun runner to my
then we have our river runners which would be the dagger Mamba
or the Pyranha Burn. Creek boats which would include the Jackson karma
and some other models and finally we have our crossover boats
like the Pyranha fusion right here. As an intermediate kayaker, one of my favorite
play boats to use
is the Jackson rock star. The Jackson rock star performs great and play
wholes and play waves.
it's also very easy to move and extremely comfortable
allowing me to be in a all day. The dagger Mamba as both a really good river
and a very capable steep Creeker. Its high in volume and has a lot of rocker which
is great for staying on top of the water and sliding over rocks
it also has semi hard edges making it
very capable of carving in and out of eddies.
The Phyranha Fusion is an excellent cross over boat.
It's great for beginning paddlers who are looking to gain experience on
but don't want to give up their flat water capabilities. The fusion is also an
excellent boat for experienced paddlers looking to get on multi-day expeditions.
Whitewater kayaking is something that anybody can learn
so come on down to our shop we have whitewater classes for all experience
Come down we'll hit the river and check out our full 2015 inventory and enjoy our
new play park being built out back.
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How to Choose a Whitewater Kayak

216 Folder Collection
Pan Liang An published on April 7, 2017
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