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  • - Oh my goodness! - Oh my goodness!

  • - Look at this. - Oh my goodness!

  • - Hello. - You look amazing!

  • I'm Dan.

  • Oh, thank you so much!

  • That's beautiful. You look wonderful.

  • Hello, I'm Dan. What are your names?

  • I'm Olivia.

  • - Olivia and Ted? - Yes.

  • You look great.

  • That's your dress.

  • Now where did you get those?

  • I don't know. They gave it to me.

  • Can we ask you some questions?

  • - Yes, please. - Yeah, I've asked you plenty

  • so now it's your turn.

  • What was it like playing Belle?

  • Oh it was like...

  • childhood dream come true.

  • She was one of my absolutely favorite

  • And I watched the film for million times.

  • Over and over again as a child.

  • Wear the dress, sings the songs

  • Be part of it was just amazing.

  • If you were any other character in the movie,

  • Who would you be?

  • - Belle. - Beast.

  • - Hey, look at that! - Wow!

  • Yeah, I love to be Beast.

  • I love to play Belle.

  • Look at that dress.

  • Yeah, so good. Isn't it?

  • I love your boots that go with it.

  • That's very your Belle.

  • It is very my Belle.

  • It's mixture of beautiful

  • princess dress with very cool and practical boots.

  • It's very on the point.

  • What would you more nervous about,

  • singing or acting?

  • - Singing. - Singing.

  • - Singing. - Definitely.

  • It was the first time Dan and I have ever done that

  • for a film before.

  • So I think we were both quite nervous.

  • Do you like all your costumes?

  • Yes.

  • I like yours.

  • I think yours is better.

  • I'm very jealous.

  • I never got to wear things like that.

  • Do you want to sit? - My friends are very big fan of you.

  • - Oh really? - Oh my God!

- Oh my goodness! - Oh my goodness!

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Beauty and the Beast - Mini Bell and the Beast

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