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  • This is your first time here.

  • I don't know why, but welcome, we have a ritual.

  • And you'll have to bear with us.

  • >> No. >> Whenever it's your first time on

  • the show, we have to show shirtless photos.

  • >> No, don't embarrass me.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> There's one.

  • There's another one.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> Can we just stop?

  • My God, okay, okay, I post a lot of.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGH]

  • >> We'll post as many as you post.

  • >> That's just not good.

  • Well, you've just ruined it now.

  • I'll never post another one.

  • >> No, now you have to top those.

  • >> This a very heavy female audience as well, so it's worked out quite well.

  • [LAUGH] >> Yes, it is.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> So

  • there's a video that you brought that, please explain this video.

  • We're just showing B-roll.

  • >> Okay, so this is me singing Adele,

  • I'm the biggest fan of Adele, in my living room.

  • And my mum is on a little iPad on the screen, if you see there.

  • And I'm singing, and I didn't realize that when we zoomed in,

  • it was EllenTube I was watching Adele on.

  • And this is me just belting out When We Were Young when I was [LAUGH].

  • This is what I do on a Sunday morning, guys, is learn Adele tracks.

  • [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH]

  • >> Can we stop now?

  • [LAUGH] >> So you were singing-

  • >> [LAUGH]

  • >> To your mom?

  • >> To my mom, yes.

  • I Face Time my mom when I learn a new song, and she loves that.

  • >> That's really sweet.

  • >> Yeah, and then she tells me whether I should just drop it then or

  • maybe learn it a little better.

  • And now I sing it all the time, so I don't even need the lyrics.

  • >> You should Skype in and sing to us sometimes.

  • >> Is this where Adele comes up behind me?

  • >> [LAUGH] >> If only, this would be a wonderful-

  • >> I know what happens on this show.

  • >> Yes, I know, but it's a shame you know what happens because she's not here.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> So

  • you play a pretty bad guy in this movie.

  • Was that fun?

  • >> I mean, it's always fun playing a bad guy.

  • I don't know, the good thing about Gaston is at the point you just saw that clip,

  • he's quite a loveable rogue.

  • I want people to sort of like him a little bit, so that when he really turns into

  • the monster at the end, you're questioning your moral compass slightly.

  • You like him, but he's a bad guy, but I like him, and he's got nice hair and

  • nice teeth.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> But he's a monster, so it was very fun.

  • And I got to sing, which is obviously my first passion.

  • I come from musical theater.

  • >> It's gonna be huge, it's gonna be a really big movie.

  • >> It's a trip, it's a real trip.

  • >> So you love to sing, you love Adele, you love to sing in the shower.

  • So we got you something, so you can sing with, we don't have Adele, but

  • we have something that- >> Hold on.

  • >> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> Look, [LAUGH] in the shower.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> This is great.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> So if you get in the shower.

  • >> I'm glad you're not gonna ask me to take my top off, but.

  • So I'm getting in the bath?

  • >> Yeah.

  • >> His physique is way better than mine.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> You can sing with Adele.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> It's great.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> Everybody loves the things you do.

  • >> Go ahead.

  • >> From the way you talk to the way you move.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> Everybody here is watching you.

  • You're watching me, if you like her, it's like a dream come true.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> Yeah.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> Beauty and

  • the Beast out in theaters and IMAX everywhere this Friday.

This is your first time here.

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Luke Evans' Adele-icious Serenade

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