B2 High-Intermediate UK 57 Folder Collection
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We're trading under way in London.
The second quarter has begun, and investors are still believers in the reflation trade.
Level equity's firmer while in currency action, the rand is back under pressure.
Still, as the calendar flips to April, a host of market moving events confront investors.
These include France's presidential elections, and the opening salvos of the UK's divorce from the EU.
But equity markets reflect the prospect of a sustained recovery in global activity.
Down playing the risk of central bank policy surprises and the question of whether companies deliver better earnings growth.
Above all, investors will remain fixated on the Trump Trade.
Namely whether the administration can work with congress,
and deliver on tax cuts and fiscal stimulus that have boasted US in global equities since November.
All told investors still have calls to remain positive.
But valuations particularly in the US are lofty.
Hence the likelihood that the recent rotation that we've seen inter EM and the Eurozone stocks only accelerates further in the second quarter.
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Investors focused on Trump trade

57 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on April 5, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    Hsin reviewed
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