B1 Intermediate US 214 Folder Collection
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[Molt singing]
Hey whats going on guys it's Nickatnyte here today joined by mystery guest Molt
Molt: I'm here
He's here, in person; in the flesh, in the blood
In like... within two cubic feet
Molt: I'm not in a different screen or in a different video file
Nick: Nope
Molt: I'm here, physically
Nick: Yup
So we're gonna be playing what is currently out is the
crown duel, a livestream was today we're
gonna be playing right side only
Molt: Right side only my channel we did left side it
it's definitely-
Nick: Oh, I'm on the right side. Oh wait...
is this flipped, though, for video? I'm on the right side...
Molt: He'll be on the right side. Nick: Yeah I'm on the
right side so uh... Molt: Right side only
Nick: Yeah so things went uh interesting over
there you have to check that out but
we're going to start this off. I have a gold chest really quick
Molt: Open that
Nick: Just an inferno... It would've been cool... my only
I think giant (chest) is the most least common
I've ever gotten a legendary out of but that's it
alright, so friendly battle, crown duel
Ready? You gotta grab this, these guys are
these guys like piranhas. Go... All right here we
go! Right side only, let's see how it goes Molt: Oh gosh! I realized I almost chose the card on the left
Molt: Alright, right side only Nick: I gave you your favorite card
Nick: Let's do this Molt: Right side only
Nick: Why you saying like this like it's a decision?
Molt: So it's the right side
Nick: Yeah Molt: What! You gave me my favorite card?
Nikc: I think I chose the wrong side instead of the
right side... I literally have the wrong side
but I hope you don't have an answer to
one card, we'll see. There it is
Molt: Dang it Nick: A lava hound. Okay, so you got that
princess going down the left lane we can
pretty much ignore her for the time
being but I know
ok... ok... actually... Can you shoot? This
is an experiment
Yes, thank you Molt: Yeah I'm not gonna like
that at all
Nick: We're going to go ahead and keep that musketeer- Molt: You have a poison as well?
Nick: Yup
Molt: Wow... I'm in a lot of trouble
Nick: The cards I gave you were like better but I just have a good
starting hand. I... I would have preferred
your cards, mine are kind of whack. Molt: And a
and a cannon over there, nice. Nick: That defense!
Nick: Nice lumbee Molt: Wow
Nick: Oh, that lava
hound did work over there
Molt: Yeah, I literally- I don't
have a single air defense except for the
princess. Nick: Mmmm
Alright we got some time. Molt: I mean I didn't
tell you that. Nick: Well that's your only
air d? But you got a mirror
Molt: Yeah, but the princess sucks Nick: I don't really
like that as my only stop... Molt: I'm in a lot of trouble right
Ooh, fireball will just break the shield
keeping the musketeer intact and she
goes down to a guard right there, dark
prince in front of the tower, cleaning up, making
mince meat. Molt: Ohhh Nick: We don't see the hog rider come
out, which is good because my cannon is
not in rotation yet. Molt: You lying to me? Nick: My cards are all really
heavy I can't really... I have a couple cycle
ones... other than that, though... Uh, I guess this
We're about a double elixir and that's where it's
really going to get hot. Molt: Wow, we are already
about to hit double elixir. Nick: Yeah, this
battle's moving fairly quick... fairly... who's
"fairly?" Get out of here!
Lumberjack, I need you right now. Is he
doing anything?
Molt: Yeah, he did some stuff, not too much
Nick: Uggghhh
Molt: I mean you still got it there, though
OH MY! I put that down right as you... Yeah!
That worked so well. Nick: Yeah. Go! Mush!
Oh no! Come on, clutch ice golem... be
yes! Be everything I need you to be... It is!
No it's not... No, uh, sorta... Alright, I don't I
haven't paid attention to what's
happening on your side and quite some
time. The lava hound is literally chilling
right there, doing nothing. Molt: Dude, I don't know
what I'm going to do here. Nick: Oh, I guessed, I
Molt: Augh! Nick: Augh! Rocket! That'll cr- I had that... I had lava hound,
rocket, uh- Molt: If I'd had the musketeer, you would
have been a completely destroyed Nick: The princess
just doesn't pack enough punch. The lava hound just
sat there for like a whole minute. Molt: It was
yeah it was only tower damage and the
Nick: Alright, let's start up straight into the
next one- Oh wow there's only one day and
six hours left, that's... that's sad.
I hope it stays forever. Please,
Clash Royale, please subscribe, okay Molt: But you just
change the name of it to the Nick and Molt Challenge
Nick: That's a pretty good reason- Ready?
3, 2, 1...
Nick: Wait Molt: Oh **** I accidentally- Nick: Ohhhh!
Molt: I'm leaving
Nick: Wait you could do that? Molt: It was spectating, cause someone else
except- Wow!
Wow! Nick: Ready? Ready? Molt: Oh my gosh Nick: look at my screen
and now. Is that you?
Molt: Yeah Nick: Okay, good, alright, right side only
Molt: right side only
Nick: Oh, wow ok, alrighty, oh wow, ok Molt: Oh my word...
Nick: I don't know... these are all very... They're not gonna
Molt: I have extremely heavy cards! Nick: I love when
you have heavy decks. You're a cheap deck
player. Molt: I am a cheap deck player at
heart, a cheap deck player at heart Nick: Heavy decks
Nick: give you problems- What's the opening move?
Nick: Alright. Molt: You got that again? Are you freaking kidding me?
Nick: I got it again, it's like on your episode
where you kept getting that let's go
ahead and with the protection provided
open the floodgates
thank you
Molt: Is that even gonna ki- that's not even
going to come close to killing the Nick: Oh, no
Molt: inferno dragon. Nick: way... this is gonna be glorious... Molt: Literally,
what am I supposed to here? Nick: [laughs]
Nick: haha Molt: I'm serious, I can't do anything...
is this a joke? Nick: Double inferno! Double inferno alright
Molt: I don't have any air defense! Nick: Really? Molt: No!
Nick: And I have double live dragon lava hound
that's unlucky Molt: This... this is a one hundred percent loss.
Nick: Unlucky Molt: There is a 0% chance that I could've I- I-
the only air defense that I have is the ice wizard.
What in the world is that going to do to
the freaking... Nick: Yeah, it won't do anything
Uh oh, that's kind of scary, the inferno still
that's going to provide some good
coverage. Molt: Yeah then I suck and I missed
my freeze on the freaking tower
Nick: Oh yeah, I was like ooh freeze, I hope it
doesn't get the hog because that was
just been the dirt Molt: Guys, I literally cannot
do anything against this
Nick: That's so dirty that push
oh my Molt: I can't do anything Nick: we'll do a quick
three crown with that inferno dragon
and move on. Molt: There's literally nothing that I can do
Nick: Yeah- it's only- you could try to defend I
Molt: I have PEKKA, Royal Giant, Ice Wizard...
Nick: and I have an inferno for the PEKKA and Royal Giant
and then I have a "sky
inferno," the inferno dragon.
Molt: Wow like sometimes especially since
we're just choosing right, like obviously
I saw the Inferno tower, I would have
picked other things but hey that's how
it happens. Nick: Alright there's two in the
books. Friendly, I'm going to change it up
and ready? Molt: Yeah Nick: Now. All right
Molt: Someone just commented and said "Molt uh... Molt picks the... uh... Molt choose the...
Oh my gosh nevermind you guys
comment what I saw, you saw what it was
Nick: You know what it was Molt: Aww i just gave you a card that
I really wanted. Nick: I have the makings of a
perfect decorate and we'll see if it
pans out
yep it worked... I'm sorry... we'll see but
I'm pretty sure this is a win
Silence falls across the battlefield Molt: yeah I
literally have- I'm trying to figure out
what to do against your deck
Nick: Oh kill the princess Molt: Nice princess! Stay alive, sweetheart
Nick: wow Molt: wow it would give you a zap Nick: Ugh! I don't have
anything else! I'm out of things
Molt: Yes a lot of things. That one skeleton
ripping me into oblivion
ok so i have a good deck but like you
also have a good deck, so this will be
interesting i saw a royal giant, barbs and
archers so I was like "okay don't you just make the
perfect royal giant deck" but, we'll see. The
princess is kind of tricky for me
alright your tombstone is instantly
taken out of the picture which is what I
like to see. Molt: I'm being extremely quiet
I'm trying to focus over here, guys
Nick: needs to bring home a "W" we'll see.
Oh, a fireball will eliminate those
archers, miner finally goes for the princess
thank you but I don't have anything
Molt: there we go Nick: all my cards are so heavy
oh my goodness gracious. This giant is
causing the giant problems I feel like I
said something about having a royal giant
before when we were making a crown duel video and
then ended up losing with it so maybe he
just reeks of confidence and it's all
Uh oh
oh my goodness that's a lot of- Molt: yesssss Nick: Two
shots- oh, just one, good alright, wait
the witch is dead? Molt: yes, she died from the
bomb and the goblins Nick: bogus
Molt: Did you guys see that I had goblins? Nick: bogus
alright let's do this we got- Molt: alright, double
elixir here we're liking this Nick: princess
Molt: oh my world. Nick: I need a double elixir...
this is painfully heavy. Got this.
Alright... things are happening
Molt: he's down Nick: dang Molt: oh wow, stay alive
Nick: We're getting murdered here with.. ya pretty good- yeah your
deck is actually- Molt: Holy Nick: stomping hard. My
Royal Giant's not able to connect.
Inferno dragons are running rampant. Molt: Infernal dragons are
running rampant. Nick: they're
winning all the battles and this one: 0-2
wow, getting crushed
Molt: wow it was the balloon cut- no, you had witch and archers
Nick: yeah, well you had Molt: and I had fireball
Nick: you had giant, balloon, witch archers, the fireball was clutch
the princesses... a lot of good stuff
we weren't able to put it together
with the RG. Ooh barbs. Molt: with the RG Nick: RG
what... Alright, already?
Molt: oh my gosh I he said are you ready right
when that one's selected- well you can just go
Nick: Now
all right round four Molt: right side only
Nick: right side only the world's most fun
Molt: Oh! Nick: these are interesting selections
actually Molt: Oh Nick: we'll see how it pans out in
the arena Molt: seeing what you got now is it
honestly you have a pretty good counter
for my deck Nick: why you looking what I got? Molt: no
from the four cards up at the top. Nick: You'd best
be not looking
oh this will be interesting what you got
three muskets? Molt: I wish that's my freakin deck right now
deck right now
Nick: ugh... put you down right there sweetheart
oh no
Oh no... Molt: Oh! The B-dragon Nick: that's
still going to do massive damage because
he sucks at taking on minion horde
he's just not efficient alright let's do
that was a lot all at once okay so you
can't be too high an elixir do one of
these, one of those. Throw you the curveball
What're you gonna do there?
that's great... double protection okay Molt: He
definitely would've got there with a shot
loving it double fire spirit, tower shot
Nick: pull Molt: now that just got rid of my push... that sucks
That's ok, I guess that's worth the
Nick: Oho Molt: oh hey go see came back a little bit
there Nick: once I learned a card
that's a little more fluid, but like the
first push you had a lot of pressure and
then I kept the pressure until you built
up you couldn't really build another one yet
Molt: no Nick: I don't like that ice golem in the
back it's something you really can't do
much about because what you can't spell
take it out, it's only 2 elixir, but it
provides great value if it does get to
the bridge so you can opposite lane push
I was expelled like wait... even for a
minion horde and the miner and that...
was luckily not the case
mm come on spear gobs, baby dragon
Ice golem... Molt: Wow Ice golem being clutch there
for me
nice waste yourselves! Oh, you jerks
Nick: Go! Baby dragon, that knight is so good... man
you go to the same spot i thought you
would change it
Wow... wait I knew you had that Molt: that was
a sexy play
gotta blow my nose
no! Too many things happening
Molt: the B-Dragon oh no. Nick: Oh, man Molt: I don't
like this
Nick: Go!
oh man i had this but what's that gonna
256, we got close, that was like one more lightning-
Molt: that was very close Nick: Yeah, I, the rage princess-
i just couldn't put it together...
we had double furni Molt: did you rage the princess? Nick: yeah, towards
the end there to get a couple extra
shots we had double furni running
down that right lane almost the whole
time a chaotic couple of matches for uh
the right side only we did left side only
on Molt's channel and we'll be messing
around doing other challenges if you guys
wanna leave them down below. He's here for
only a few days so make the comments quick
and fast and quick hope you enjoyed it
and we'll see you... Molt: in the next episode Nick: Later
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ONLY RIGHT CARDS?! Clash Royale Crown Duel!

214 Folder Collection
Ray Chung published on April 5, 2017
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