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  • All right.

  • It will be hard.

  • It will hurt.

  • It will be painful.

  • But giving up is never an option.

  • Don't ever obey the need to stop.

  • Who will fight till the end?

  • I will.

  • There will be doubters.

  • Those who say you'll never make it, those who say you don't have the body, the skills, or the talent...

  • Feed on those!

  • Rip out their tongues, and let their words be your meat.

  • Who will prove them wrong?

  • I will.

  • Go gladly into the lion's den and make it your battlefield!

  • Leave them bleeding on the ground.

  • Conquer what has not been conquered, play them, beat them, surprise them.

  • Never show weakness.

  • Who will conquer?

  • I will.

  • No one can deny you.

  • No one can defy you.

  • No one can tell you who or what you can be.

  • You write the rules.

  • You will sweat, cry, scream, bleed.

  • Because you will never go home, never give up.

  • Who will be the champion?

  • I will.

  • No armor will make you stronger, faster, better.

  • Don't fool yourself.

  • Only one thing can take you from A to Z...

  • You.

All right.

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