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Hello, I'm Crown
Today I'm going to introduce some
often mispronounced English words
In English
pronunciation is very important
If you mispronounce something
it might mean something different
causing misunderstandings
In our daily lives
we often mispronounce words
because of their spelling
Did you know?
Ray has actually previously done a
funny video on mispronunciations
But that video seemed to be
just for fun
So today, we're doing some actual teaching
on easily mispronounced English words
Before we talk about their correct pronunciations
I will try to copy
how they're usually mispronounced
Please keep in mind that
I'll be using an American accent
So please make sure to learn the correct pronunciation that comes after
Don't be misled by the earlier mispronunciations!
How would you pronounce this?
I used to mispronounce this all the time
Because its spelling is
There's an "L" in the middle
So when we read it
We often pronounce the "L"
And pronounce it as "aLmond"
However! This is incorrect!
The correct pronunciation is
Yup, the "L" is silent
Isn't it weird?
How would you pronounce this?
Ray used to pronounce this incorrectly
He pronounces it as "peessa"
And then someone commented
"Hey, you seem to have mispronounced pizza!"
The correct pronunciation is
Yup, it's like
Miss Ko
Pizza from New York
She ate a really bad pizza somewhere
(Oh you're saying it in Chinese)
Pizza! Yes!
I was saying it in Chinese~
(Oh, okay)
And the third
Everyone must be thinking
What? This word?
Isn't this on an elementary level?
Do we need to teach this?
But this word actually has a hidden trap~
Everyone must think p-o-l-i-c-e
is pronounced as p-o
But this is incorrect!
The correct pronunciation is
(Is there a difference?!)
(You can't think of any more sound effects, right?)
This word is actually often mispronounced
Because its verb
is pronounce
So when it becomes a verb
You might want to carry the "o" into it
Making it "pronOunciation"
But you actually can't pronounce the "o"
The correct pronunciation is
So its spelling gives you a hint
So don't pronounce the "o!"
Imagine your own sound effects...
(What? Lame...)
(Fine, I'll edit it later)
Please edit it later, I've run out of ideas~
When mispronounced, you would pronounce it with three syllables
Turning it into "Wed-nes-day"
But! The correct pronunciation is
There are only two syllables!
How would you pronounce this?
Those who love reading books
Especially English novels
Must be familiar with this
Because this word means a type of novel
If mispronounced, you might pronounce it as
But the correct pronunciation
is actually "genre"
Why doesn't it sound like English?
Because it's not an English word
It's French!
So the correct pronunciation is
How would you pronounce this?
When I collaborated with WaWaKu on our horoscopes video
I mispronounced this word
(I know which word it is!)
Yup, I pronounced it as "mischeevious"
Really, I've always pronounced it as
Because it just looks like it should be pronounced as "mischeevious," right?
But actually its correct pronunciation
Should have three syllables
How would you pronounce this?
I'm sure this word must have
frustrated many people for a long time
Because this word looks very special
Is it supposed to be "que-wei"
or "qui-wi?"
Actually its pronunciation is very simple!
Just one syllable
It is
It's pronounced like the letter "Q"
How would you pronounce this?
The way this word is often mispronounced
is separating it into two parts
Making them two independent words
Which are "break" and "fast"
So you might pronounce it as
But this is incorrect!
The correct pronunciation is
How would you pronounce this?
Those who love coffee, don't mispronounce this word!
Actually I think I mispronounced this before
The incorrect version is "eXpresso"
There's an "X" sound
But let's look at the spelling
It's spelled "es" so the correct pronunciation is
You might be reminded of my video on Starbucks vocabulary
Here it is! Go watch it!
Has this episode been helpful?
Is it too easy?
Or do you think
Um... even if it's easy it's okay
because my pronunciation sounds great
Please let me know in the comment section
my pronunciation
is really, really great!
Fine, so our video ends here!
I hope everyone liked it
It's been a while since I filmed
Ray has also filmed a
Funny... Huh?
Was it about pronun..? (You don't know! You don't watch my videos!)
Hey, it was a long time ago so I forget...
(Okay, fine)
We release videos every Monday and Thursday at 9pm
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Pizza? Police? How to pronounce these 10 words?

12800 Folder Collection
Lu Mu Yun published on April 3, 2017
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