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If there is anything in life that you don't currently have right now
is because of who you are and how you think.
What I need you to do, is I need you to find the reason to keep going.
And if you find the reason to keep going,
I know you strong enough to do it because you are human.
And every human has what it takes
to get past whatever they are going through,
if they decide to...
push through it.
Push through it.
Tragedy and trials come to everybody.
Only the strong survive.
Listen to me very closely.
You are running from obstacles,
when in fact it's the obstacles,
that's gonna take you to the next level.
Like you're running from pain!
You're running from challenges!
You telling me how difficult your life is.
Do you understand it is the difficulty
that's gonna prepare you and take you to that next level?
To grow the individual will to become something,
you must get comfortable with fear and failure.
They must be your best friends.
They are the only ones that moves the needle of life.
And the difference between a champion
and someone who is forgotten.
Is that a champions - shows up.
That's the only thing, everyday shows up.
Gives himself a chance to make a difference.
Because success doesn't know those things
about cold or early or tired.
It just knows if you showed up or not.
For some of you when you do what you do,
you act as if you have another opportunity.
Every opportunity is the last opportunity!
You can't just say you want it.
You can't watch the video and say...
"I want this as bad as I want to breathe."
It's cute to say it
but when it's showtime,
when sun comes up,
you got all the books,
you got all the tapes,
you got all the access,
now it's time to hunt!
If it was easy everybody would do it,
but if life got you down, I need you to get up.
And prove them wrong.
It's gonna rain sometimes,
I will.
You're gonna feel discouraged sometimes.
I will.
No matter what the obstacles.
I will.
I will.
A true hunters goal is not the prize,
a true hunters goal is to hunt.
That's what they live for.
They live to hunt.
It's the whole process.
The journey to your dreams always starts from within.
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Contenders - Motivational Video

9248 Folder Collection
Adam Huang published on April 2, 2017
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