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  • - So Justin was here for my birthday show,

  • and you said on the show that you were nervous,

  • and then you-- we talked later that night.

  • You called and said you were nervous.

  • And then you posted that night...

  • - Yeah. - A video.

  • Did you see the-- from his home,

  • this video of how he was nervous.

  • Tell me about that, and tell me why

  • you were so nervous and why you posted that.

  • - Well, it was the first time I was on television

  • for a long time, and I just was worried about

  • what people were thinking about me.

  • Like I said last time, I did a lot of things

  • over the last few years that I'm not proud of.

  • But, yeah, I was just nervous to be in front of people again

  • and talk in front of them, remember?

  • - Uh-huh. [chuckles]

  • And so I thought that was really honest of you

  • to say it here, but then when you were at home,

  • what made you-- like, what was the impetus?

  • You were sitting at home, and you thought,

  • "You know what, I got to get this out there,

  • and I'm gonna do this, and"--

  • What made you do that?

  • - I thought I just looked really extra nervous,

  • and I kind of just wanted to explain myself.

  • - Okay. All right.

  • I understand that, and I think people appreciate that too.

  • But I think it's hard for people to understand--

  • like, Portia was telling me this--

  • people think that all celebrities are never nervous,

  • that we're just comfortable, this is--that we're--

  • and it's not true.

  • - Well, I--I am a human, right?

  • - Yes, you are a human being. - People often forget that.

  • Even with some of their comments and stuff,

  • they think that it doesn't get to me,

  • but it gets to me, you know?

  • Things that people say bothers me,

  • and I got to be strong enough to just keep pushing, but--

  • yeah, that's why I just wanted to make the video,

  • to just let people know that I'm human.

  • I love people. I love love.

  • I love-- I'm passionate about things,

  • and I'm passionate about being better and growing.

  • So I think that this is gonna be an awesome chapter in my life,

  • and I'm so glad that I have you guys supporting me.

  • [cheers and applause]

  • Thank you.

  • - So, see, you won't get so nervous.

  • It's just that it had been so long

  • since you were in front of people.

  • So if you do this every week--

  • if you come on every week, you won't get nervous.

  • - No, no.

  • - So come on every week, okay? - Can I come on every week?

  • - Every week. - All right.

  • - All right. - Cool.

  • [cheers and applause]

- So Justin was here for my birthday show,

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