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  • - Justin Bieber is showing off his new fling

  • after they were spotted kissing.

  • Hey guys, It's Ali with your Daily Bieber,

  • and Justin recently performed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • for his Purpose tour, where he met a new lady friend

  • who we now have found out is increasingly

  • Instagram famous.

  • 23-year-old Rio local, Luciana Chamone.

  • Since these two were spotted together,

  • she has added at least 70,000 followers,

  • and as we mentioned, the Beliebers are hitting

  • her with the snake emojis.

  • Remember the Beliebers did this to Sofia Richie, too,

  • which inspired her shoot with Complex,

  • and of course, inspired Justin to quit Instagram.

  • Anyway, Justin and Luciana met at the Fasano Hotel

  • and later got acquainted in the backseat of this car

  • before heading off to his rented mansion in Brazil.

  • JB even looks like he's trying to plant a kiss on Luciana

  • while she looks like she just needs some water.

  • And get this: it appears this might be more than

  • a one night stand.

  • Justin was seen showing off his Facetime session

  • to paparazzi with a girl that looks just like Luciana.

  • Now, a lot of you guys are saying this is Hailee Steinfeld,

  • and she and Justin do have the same parent record label,

  • and are friends, so I guess it's possible.

  • Regardless, knowing how much JB hates the paps,

  • this seems both weird and very intentional.

  • We learned more about Luciana, though,

  • who is definitely a Belieber.

  • She posted a pic with heart emojis at Justin's show.

  • We also figured out who that other mystery girl

  • in the car is: 21-year-old blogger Marina Pumar,

  • who is also a total Belieber considering this photo.

  • So good news, guys.

  • Apparently JB's dating stans, now.

(upbeat music)

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