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Depression creeps upon you quietly. At the very beginning you struggle with the little
things, but usually choose to ignore them.
It's like a headache. You'll tell yourself it's temporary and it'll pass. It's just another bad day.
But it's not. You're stuck in this state of mind. You...
get used to putting on a social mask and you continue to live among other people,
because that's what you have to do. That's what others do. However, the problem does not
go away. You struggle to put on a play every day and it starts to cost you more and more.
That is why you fall even deeper and that's when you slowly start to back away
from friends and family,
sometimes completely shutting them out.
All satisfaction is gone. The old things that used to bring you joy are now worthless. Even the simplest tasks become painful.
That is why you lack motivation. Now... why would you keep on trying if nothing makes you happy anyway. All of this makes you feel
even worse and you get caught up in a vicious circle. Suddenly you find yourself living in
slow motion. Days become indistinguishable...
Just white noise, just... heaviness, filling your mind and spilling over your body. You feel as though you'll never be happy again.
You continue to back away and destroy relationships. You're ashamed for everything you've done
and everything you haven't. There is a part of you that wants to make things right.
A sudden positive upsurge makes you want to go out and meet people but... it's all very
short-lived because you know it won't work anyway. Things that make your friends excited leave you indifferent and you
become aware of the huge gap that lies between you. Another failure is not an option, so in the end you choose
to be alone in your comfort zone where no one asks any questions.
The low self esteem and the lack of purpose become unbearable. You finally realize you can't
go on that way and two things can happen:
you either decide to get some help, or you...
might attempt a suicide.
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29011 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 28, 2017    Julie TU translated    Kiara reviewed
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