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Learn how collaborative innovation is transforming corporate research and
development by giving companies
access to thousands of experts in a wide variety of disciplines.
These experts work in multidisciplinary teams to formulate
innovative solutions to your technical problems, and best of all
its risk-free because you only pay if a solution meets your needs.
Technology-driven companies are under
ever increasing pressure to: reduce product development life cycles,
make their R&D spend more efficient, manage risk,
and, out-innovate the competition.
R&D in staffing cost are constantly growing at an alarming rate,
while R&D and business leaders are expected to do more,
with less.
What do you think that you could do with 20 more skilled experts?
How about a community of thousands? and what if you only had to pay them
if they produce the results that you need? IdeaConnection has curated
a global network experts with very specific skills
in biotechnology, pharma, medical,
engineering, food science, chemistry
and a hundred other disciplines. IdeaConnection gives your company access
to all these experts through a patent-pending framework to help solve
technical problems,
break technical bottlenecks and speed products to market.
These are scientists with patents to their names, PHD's,
consultants, academics, thought leaders
and retired professionals who are assembled into multi-disciplinary teams
that compete against each other to solve critical-path problems.
If a team comes up with a solution that works for your needs,
the team's awarded with a one-time cash award, and in exchange
you get one hundred percent the intellectual property of the solution.
Because teams are only paid for successful solutions,
this model helps you d risk speculative,
discovery stage research.
This changes the game entirely - it's almost like being able to bet on a horse
only when you already know the results of the race. Using IdeaConnection means
that your research budget goes further.
It means that you can work on many more projects, broaden your research targets,
in only pay for the ones that bear fruit. It means that you can focus
on your core competencies, while being able to send work out to these
expert teams in a quick, efficient and confidential way when you need input
from people with very specific types of expertise.
Now IdeaConnection does much more than critical-path problem solving.
We also engage with our network of experts to: find technologies for
licensing your acquisition opportunities,
find suppliers, search for collaborators,
find obscure prior art for use in patent litigation,
find employees are executives with very specific,
hard to find capabilities... for some of the largest companies
in the world.
It would be impossible (and prohibitively expensive) to employ people with every
single type of expertise,
knowledge and experience, that you could ever need but IdeaConnection gives you
access to some of the most brilliant minds in the world
to help them get the edge that you need. Speed up your products to market.
Increase the efficiency of your R&D spend.
Take a risk out of the equation, and know that success
is guaranteed. Out-innovate your competition.
In competitive industries, this isn't an option, it's a necessity.
Contact idea connection today to find out how collaborative innovation can
accelerate your
R&D process.
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Collaborative Open Innovation Transforming Corporate R & D

235 Folder Collection
Bruce Lee published on March 28, 2017
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