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Youíre never too old to keep your brain in shape. People are always talking about the
obesity epidemic, but listen, Iíd rather have smart fat people than dumb skinny people.
So whether you get it for your kids or use it yourself, Math Challenge For Kids is an
excellent way to fight back against rampant stupidity.
Play it while jogging in the park...two birds with one stone.
Released earlier this month to the App Store, Math Challenge For Kids is a simple, interactive
mathematics quiz from Taiwan Knowledge Bank. See, thatís the problem. America has national
banks for money, Taiwan has national banks for knowledge.
The game couldnít be simpler. There are five game modesóaddition, subtraction, multiplication,
division and a math mixtureóand they all work the same. Problems appear on the screen
along with four possible answers. Tap the right one to score points, get smarter...flex
your brain tissue.
Of course, to be fair, it doesnít take much flexing to solve these problems. This is definitely
a game for kids, as the title suggests. But I think apps like this are just a fantastic
learning tool. Math Challenge has all the benefits of flashcards, but on a
device your kids are actually interested in.
And, you know, without all the index cards.
And much to the dismay of index card companies, I mean...the future is now. So although I
have yet to reproduceóuh, at least to my knowledgeóshould I one day spawn loin fruit,
this is the kind of iPad app Iím making them play. Parents have an unreasonable amount
of uninhibited power, and Math Challenge has an intuitive interface that makes inflicting
that power easier on the children.
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CGRundertow MATH CHALLENGE FOR KIDS for iPad Video Game Review

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阿多賓 published on June 27, 2013
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