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- The Monday rant video was reverse engineered.
I just knew that people would want to watch it.
And that's what I also think is going to happen here.
Basically I want this film to give you the audacity
to actually go out and do it.
You're 52 years old and it's not being talked about
enough that hey man, hey gal, it's not over.
If you want it so bad, if it's in you,
maybe it's not time to take up golf or
pack it in, maybe it's time to actually triple down
and really focus on your 7 P.M. to 2 in the morning.
There's so many people that truly are
good entrepreneurs or have entrepreneurial DNA
but they just weren't lucky enough to be born during an
era that that seemed practical.
It's hard for somebody who's for 30 years gone
a certain blueprint to understand that this
is that realistic and they feel like it's a young man's sport
and it's just not. Like, it's just not.
If you've got the right DNA and you're a 72 year old female
you have just a good as an at-bat as a 27 year old dude.
But you've been trained and story told to and positioned
and lived in a 50 year matter that
doesn't feel like this thing in here is
a practical way to build that but it is.
The entrepreneurship is not predicated on
taking away from your family.
Entrepreneurship is taking away from everything else.
So stop making excuses,
"Oh these millenial kids are so entitled."
"Oh, these kids didn't have to work as hard as we did."
Nobody cares if you're 40, 70, 90 alien, female, male, minority.
The market will accept your victories
if you're good enough to have a victory.
And I believe, more than ever, that if you're a 49 year old
housewife with two kids because of this phone you've got more
opportunities to create something for yourselves.
Please my friends, do not allow just the 18 and 14 and
22 year olds to grab at this pie that is so available to
all of us regardless of our age.
We're gonna live longer. The opportunity is real.
The 58-year-old right now that's watching this
you'll live another 40 years.
40 years of being able to do
something you love is a big deal.
Start putting in the work, start recognizing this isn't
just a young person's game.
Start representing the people that actually
put in the work, the gray hairs that context that knowledge.
Start deploying that. Educate yourself on the new world.
Yes, you didn't grow up with Instagram.
You didn't grow up driving and you learned that.
Stop making excuses,
start getting educated in the actual world and
start opening up the opportunities.
In my true opinion, you are actually more likely
to be successful in building a company,
at 45, 50 today than the 18-year-olds that are coming out
because there's a naiveté, a lack of experience.
You have experience, you have experience.
Like, that's a real thing.
Cool, youth and excitement is great,
you have actual business experience.
Plenty amount of talent.
There's plenty amount of talent.
And there's a ton of fire and bravado
and there's a confidence.
There's a confidence that youth provides.
The difference between me and so many of you is
I've put in the god damn work to learn where
people's attention now is and I'm deploying
myself through there.
Many of you have drawn a line in the sand and
say I'm not downloading Snapchat.
I'm not downloading Instagram.
That, my friends, is going to allow you to lose.
This video is made for one reason:
I want it to be the calling card, the seed of the explosion
of the 40 to 80-year-old entrepreneur in our society.
The fire that I see in the eyes of the 19, 20, 25-year-old
that feels that they're entitled to this and
then on the flip side the diminishing just a little
bit of ashes, a little smoke left in that same entrepreneur
when they were 22 at 46 when practicality and family dynamics
and the history and the market tearing down and the lack
of that same opportunity has just dwindled down
to a moment where they don't believe
that they've got that shot.
I'm here to tell you you absolutely do.
There are absolutely a ton of entrepreneurs that started
their companies in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s
when it was difficult to do such a thing.
Sidney Frank who created Grey Goose didn't invent
his big thing until his 70s.
And so I'm desperate, I'm desperate to give you
a springboard to say you know what
instead of watching "House of Cards" seasons,
instead of trying to go to ball games or
things of that nature, yeah, I do have
7PM to 2 in the morning Monday through Friday.
Heck, for a lot of you the kids are out of the house.
I mean let's get into practicality,
if the late 40s, 50s, 60-year-olds that are watching
this rant the kids are out of the house.
Yeah, you could pick up golf or you can finally start that
candle company because you put pretty pictures
of candles on Instagram and it happens.
Learn the craft.
Figure out the opportunity at hand,
go attack it. You only live once.
When you're 90 to 100-years-old and you're regretting that you
never built this business and you let this era pass
this moment where there's so much
entrepreneurial upside, you'll regret it and
regret is the worst.
That's what it is. At least the way I see it.
I got home at midnight last night.
And every fucking night. It's just real.
I don't have to.
I don't know, I think there's a real opportunity to
inspire a generation that so deserves it.
I almost feel like being 40,
I feel like I'm caught right in the middle.
I have so much empathy for, I recognize how insane
I had to be to...
You can't even imagine how not practical being an
entrepreneur was when I was half your age.
In school, a 15 year old now in school that's getting Ds but
is like selling shit on the internet, everyone's like,
"Oh, you're the next Mark Zuckerburg."
Mine was like, "Oh, you're the next piece of shit."
You know? It's so insanely different.
So I have a lot of empathy for people that
I don't know if they recognize how real it is.
(calm music)
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57574 Folder Collection
timemachine published on March 26, 2017
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