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Well the thing that I see
about the world
what it should be
is all question of imagination.
If we imagine today
what kind of world we want
and that’s the world we created.
Everybody has a freedom to
imagine in his or her way.
My imagination is
we want to create a world
which will be absolutely free from poverty.
Meaning, that there will be
no poor person on this planet,
anywhere in the world.
And once you create that,
we’ll create poverty museums.
So that people who’d like to know
what is it that used to be called poverty,
how did it happen?
So they will go into poverty museum,
they’ll take their children to poverty museum.
That’s the kind of world I would like to build.
And that will be the world
where there will be no unemployment.
And when you tell people,
Oh there used to be unemployment,
there was a big crisis,
there was a lot of unemployed people,
young unemployed
and people will be wondering,
what is unemployment?
Why should anybody be unemployed?
They have capacity.
Why one human being should be unemployed?
What does it mean?
They will be writing thesis
to understand what is unemployment?
Why did it happen in those past days?
And nobody should be on welfare.
Why state has to take care of people?
Or any charity organization has to take care of people?
Because human being has everything inside.
How come it couldn’t provide the facilities
so that it can bring those capacities
and contribute to the world.
And we would want to create
a world where there will be no unnecessary deaths.
We pride our technology,
we pride our knowledge.
Simple thing.
Why human beings die of preventable diseases?
Those diseases should be gone.
So that’s the kind of world,
and a world where we will not make this
planet more dangerous
than it was before.
We’ll make it everyday
will be of more safe than it was yesterday.
So we start thinking about it,
and we start working towards it
and it will happen.
When we create fictions,
social fictions,
it will happen,
like we do science fictions.
We go to the Moon; that was a science fiction.
We go to Mars; that was a science fiction.
We go to another galaxy; that’s a science fiction.
Because we make those fictions,
science follows them.
Make it happen.
In the science fiction,
there is some thing that we start
talking to each other.
If imagination can do it,
reality should be able to do that too.
And it is becoming
more and more possible
because all the science and technology
is in the hands of us right now,
much more than any anytime ever in history.
Why can’t we make things happen now?
What is our excuse?
Why should anybody be
uneducated in this planet?
Is it because of cost?
Cost is gone.
Science has made it possible.
Technology has made it possible.
You don’t have to just come to one classroom.
The same class can be taught
all over the world.
And every single thing can be done.
If we do not imagine,
it will not be done.
If we imagine,
someday it will happen!
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Muhammad Yunus: Create Social Fiction

202 Folder Collection
巫小鏡 published on March 24, 2017
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