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Let's go wandering...
...in Lisbon.
Just leaving Madrid and we're heading to Lisbon...
in Portugal.
So crammed in this little elevator right now, with all our luggage.
W: Uhhh, can barely move!
A: And I've got how many litres of juice on us right now?
A: Like....2 litres? W: We got a bit too excited.
To get from the city centre back to the airport,
we had to catch a train from the main train station.
It looks like a forest in here
and there's even turtles.
From Atocha station to airport terminal 4
it takes roughly 25 minutes by train.
From there, you can transfer for a connecting shuttle bus,
to any of the other terminals.
Look! This dog has dreadlocks and his jumping!
He's so happy!
From Madrid to Lisbon, it is roughly 1 hour 15 minutes by plane
Once in Lisbon
the bus is a quick and inexpensive option of getting to the city centre.
For our stay in Lisbon, we once again went with Airbnb.
Our host in Lisbon,
was one of the friendliest we met in our entire trip.
She met us at the bus station,
walked us to the apartment
and we chatted for a good while.
Coming from the busy cities of Spain,
stepping out of our apartment in Lisbon,
felt like we had stepped into a local neighbourhood.
Look how peaceful and homey it feels.
So, we arrived at this restaurant that's near our apartment
and we ordered some draft beer with red currant syrup.
W: How is it?
A: It tastes like lollies
W: Jenny just got her Mojito.
J: Pineapple Mojito! W: Pineapple Mojito!
A: Oh really? Pineapple?
J: Oh look...the straws like...so you know it's new.
J: mmmm, it's really refreshing. I think it's better than the normal Mojito.
Look how amazing the food looks!
This one is a sirloin steak
with some asparagus and mushrooms
and then there's an egg on top
Look how good it is!
and then over here, we have the fish stew.
and it's got some local fish
Here we have our caprese salad that's just arrived as well.
It's like going off here in Lisbon!
There's like noone inside, but the music's so loud!
and then right here, it's residential and it's so quiet.
feel bad for these people that live here...
So peaceful here in Lisbon...
...this is the neighbourhood square, just right outside our apartment.
We're just sitting here...
Lisbon is the capital of Portugal
and also one of the oldest cities in the world.
If you love history,
you will LOVE Lisbon!
Let's see, what should we have for breakfast?
What's for breakfast today?
We got a little Portuguese egg tart
and some kind of a
custard toast?
This one's like a coconut dome...
A: it has coconut inside as well apparently.
...and a sausage roll.
W: and this one's a ham and cheese? A: Yeh, I think it's a ham and cheese...
J: Take a photo!
Wasn't even ready...
wasn't even ready...
This was our first time in Lisbon,
so once again, we decided to join a free walking tour.
A free walking tour is a good way to introduce yourself to a city.
It's nice to have a local show you around without having to stress about looking at a map.
A free walking tour, usually lasts between 2-3 hours.
And once you've familiarized yourself with the city
and are confident,
you can pretty much explore the city on your own.
We're just walking along the river
to find the tram station that will take us to Belem.
And then we're gonna have some egg tarts!
After our free walking tour,
we decided to make our way to Belem.
W: It's really hot here in Portugal...
W: we finished a whole bottle of water A: Really quickly!
W: REALLY quickly!
Lisbon enjoys a Mediterranean climate,
and is really hot in summer.
Don't forget to bring your sunscreen
and bring an extra bottle of water.
Look! There's people sunbathing!
So we're now in Belem.
We're just walking around looking for food.
Especially egg tarts! Belem is very famous for their egg tarts.
If you are ever in Lisbon,
it is definitely worth a visit,
to the historical district of Belem.
J: It's 27, not bad. A: Yeh, it's good.
W: 27 degrees! A: But it's still early.
You can spend a good half day in Belem.
But, try to avoid Monday,
because many places are closed on Monday.
Exciting! Look where we are!
If you guys are ever in Lisbon, it's worth the trek to Belem,
it's actually not that far. By tram it was only 4 stations
and then we're here having egg tarts.
and yeah, it is so good
it's crunchy on the outside
and the top is perfect, it's got that burnt taste
and then inside, the custard tastes so smooth and creamy
We just came out of the Portuguese egg tart place,
and after we ate our 6 egg tarts,
we discoverd,
by looking at a kid next to us,
that it tastes better with some cinnamon and icing sugar on top
so we ended up ordering more
and we put the cinnamon and icing sugar on top and it tasted AMAZING!
You guys, make sure you remember to do that when you order egg tarts.
We were so excited to have come across the Portuguese egg tart patisserie,
that we ended up having lunch after dessert!
When you're on holidays, there are no rules!
These are kebabs in pita bread.
A: This is turkey.
W: This one's turkey... A: This one's the normal pork
A: and that's a cheeseburger.
Look at this Pokemon master, trying to catch Pokemon.
A: it's not working!
J: I told you, it's cos you're facing that way.
J: You won't be able to get it *laughs*
A: awww, it's just here now...
J: See? *laughs*
A: Awwwww
A: Oh there! it's right here...
You know those egg tarts we were really excited about earlier on?
Well, they evolved from pastries that were created over 200 years ago
by monks at the Jeronimo's monastery
here in Belem.
Look how beautiful this monastery is.
No wonder it is a UNESCO heritage site.
Pro at selfies!
Gotta get aligned, son!
Opposite the monastery,
is a beautiful garden.
which you can walk through, to get to the water.
Once you reach the other side of the garden,
you will see the famous Belem tower
in the distance.
Unfortunately for us,
we visited during the time it was getting restored.
So we couldn't really get a good view of the tower.
we still enjoyed our walk through the garden.
Trying to chase after a little duckling.
A: That's it, work it, work it, WORK IT! Nice!
It's so cute!
Lisbon was a city we decided to add in at the last minute.
With only 36 hours, we still had an amazing time.
But, we will definitely be back.
See you again soon, Lisbon.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscibe
and for more travel inspiration,
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video!
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TRAVEL VLOG #7: Lisbon - Best Portuguese Egg Tarts EVER! ♥♥♥

1001 Folder Collection
Winny Luong published on March 24, 2017
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