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Hello, everybody!
Disciple here with Overwatch Curios!
With so many diehard Overwatch fans out there, tons of people have been pumping out awesome
fanart of their favorite heroes with some new skins since the game was announced.
These sweet pieces or art range from badass to just plain weird and are all top notch!
The creativity of the community sometimes even rivals or exceeds that of Overwatch’s
skin designs thus far and show a ton of dedication and skill.
Let’s check out the top 10 that stand out from the bunch!
First up we have some amazing art from Faebelina!
She’s got a huge range of Fairy skin concepts for many of the heroes in Overwatch, pretty
much the entire roster at this point, and this Zenyatta really stands out with his wooden,
carved orbs, the nature belt with all the flowers on it, and his 6-wing design creating
a rounder backdrop to the omnic monk.
His body was swapped out for wood over metal rounding out the “mother nature” approach
to this design but still keeping with the “harmony” theme that Zenyatta fans have
come to love about the hero!
Zenyatta’s theme and style has always revolved around the natural flow and synergy with the
universe, so this skin sort of feels like a natural evolution of the Zenyatta mantra,
albeit in a more druid-type form.
Faabelina’s style and work across Blizzard franchises is creative and well-loved by members
of the community and dev team alike!
Definitely worth checking out!
Steampunk is a familiar style in a ton of fantasy games, books, and movies, and this
Steampunk skin for D.Va by Julien Friedrich just kinda feels right!
The victorian style clothes fit D.Va’s smaller figure pretty well, and all of the things
hanging from her clothing like the utility belt, her wrist device, and of course the
signature headphons really make sense with the entire “D.Va / mech / mechanic sort
of theme.
The rivets and buckles all over the place follow the theme as well alongside the tools
and messy garage.
You can picture her working on a steam-powered mech covered in grease with some fancy-style
pistol at her side!
Maybe even a monocle for effect!
You could easily see her getting childishly frustrated when her meka doesn’t work quite
right and giving it a swift kick only to have the steam engines kick on!
The imagery seems to fit her attitude perfectly!
Next up, we’ve got this killer metal-clad armor skin for Mercy from Ye Amber!
Mercy is known for her softer, more radiant approach to visuals with most of her skins.
Even Devil mercy still has a soft touch.
This skin, however, screams “battle medic” more than any other skin we’ve seen for
the Swiss miracle worker.
Instead of soft light, her wings are bladed and red, her breastplate and shoulders are
bulkier and sharpened up, and the metal skirt on her hips looks like it could take more
than a few direct hits.
It may remind you of something straight out of Warhammer 40k cannon.
The grey / silver / red colors kinda say “don’t mess with me” in a subtle but direct way.
Even her blaster looks much more dangerous in this theme!
Oh, man, this one is crazy!
This “Omnic Widowmaker” from Mike L. takes the cold, emotionless sniper-assassin, and
turns her into a cold, emotionless, robotic sniper-assassin!
Which is AWESOME!
Right off the bat you can get a dark, sinister feeling from the colors and the webbing on
her torso, arms, and legs looks straight out of a Venom comic (which is also awesome!).
You can almost hear her omnic voice spouting off lines of elite smugness as she pops you
square in the head.
It’s all tied together with her Widow’s Kiss rifle painted in the same black / red
/ white theme!
A good widow player is bad enough.
A good widow player in this skin?
Simply terrifying!
Remy Paul brings us a wicked tracer reskin that is much more dark and rogue than her
bouncy / happy default skins.
With the sharp metal blades on her bracers and chest surrounding her chronal accelerator,
plus the red bandanna around her forehead, it kinda looks like a Metal Gear meets Tracer
The black and yellow stripes remind you of a wasp ready to sting you right in the face
with her streamlined pistol design locked and loaded.
The best part of this skin?
She finally gets rid of those techno-crocs and replaces them with some killer sneakers!
Her voice lines would probably be just as witty and obnoxious, albeit with a more evil
tone and maybe a bit more pushy.
Here’s another sick piece from Remy, turning Pharah’s very sharp and angled look into
a flowing, curvy version of the justice bringer.
Gone are the bold blues of her standard Raptora suit replaced by more neutral, softer colors.
This skin resembles a more traditional “mech” suit from popular anime and the full-size
helmet that covers her face reinforces this approach.
It’s a lot less bulky than her regular gear, and looks as if it would be much faster as
The shoulders keep with the armor-esque style and the soft blue lights all over the place
really bring it together.
The skin sort of takes away from the “Justice Rains From Above!” approach to pharah, which
is brought on by a more security / police vibe that her default skin presents.
This one’s more sci-fi / military action!
Her voice lines may even be robotic in nature.
Perhaps this is an evolved omnic design mixing machine AI and the raptora suit?
The Winter Wonderland event happened in Overwatch last year and this Snow Angel Mercy from Peter
Burroughs would have fit in pretty darn well!
The first thing you notice here is the awesome rework of the Caduceus staff complete with
a lantern hanging from the top.
Her suit looks much softer than normal with it being cloth based as well as having fuzzy
bits at the ends of the sleeves, boots, and belt.
Of course the hood makes the set look warm and cozy, and the little fuzzy balls hanging
from the neck give it a hoodie kind of feel.
It looks like there’s a snow storm swirling in the blades of her wings which is a pretty
awesome touch as well!
Straight out of Slavic folklore, this Baba Yaga skin idea from Jouste is about as creepy
as it is amazing!
The “baba-Yaga” supernatural being that looks like a deformed, ferocious woman who
may help or hinder people who cross her path.
She lives in the forest and is very nature centric in the mythology.
Sticking with this theme, the Baba-D.Va skin looks straight from the forest with the fabled
chicken legs (taken literally in this sense) as well as the wooden house, and branches
flowing from the top.
D.Va herself is very witch-like also with thatch and twigs sticking out from her suit
and her blaster has gone from bunny to frog also sticking to the wooden theme.
It reminds us of the Druids from fantasy games like World of Warcraft.
Very nature-esque, using everything and wasting nothing.
Wouldn’t be surprised if she fired acorns as her pellets.
Such a great theme, excellent work!
Just about as creepy as it is awesome, we’ve got Plague Doctor Mercy from General Thunderbat!
Way back in the 14th century the black plague spread to all kinds of places and a lot of
folks decided to take on the profession of the plague “doctor”.
The creepy suits and masks commonly worn by these guys were actually designed to keep
the plague out, and the masks were filled with things that had overwhelming smell like
flowers and herbs, because they thought the plague was airborne in nature.
The whole thing was scary and weird and you can see all those influences in this skin
that takes MErcy from the pretty, light-filled, angelic style to the complete opposite.
The best part, aside from the mask of course, is her wooden pistol with what looks like
a serum of some kind attached to the bottom, presumably to “treat” patients.
The skin doesn’t show anything for her staff or suit, though wouldn’t it be awesome if
her caduceus staff was transformed into a tall, wooden staff with a bird’s head on
it to match the mask?
And she could don Crow’s wings to fill out the skin and take care of the abilities requiring
her to fly and hover.
The skin makes no sense lore-wise or character wise… but who cares?!
Okay, so the video wouldn’t be complete without a plug of the excellent Gaming Curios
skin for D.Va!
Sviix drops this awesome custom recolor of everyone’s favorite Meka Pilot in Black
and Purple, with a Gaming Curios emblem right there in the front!
The color scheme is more badass than cute (like the default pink skin), and it looks
like it’s ready for GG at any second.
D.Va herself gets her hair done to blonde which really contrasts with the darker skin
theme rounding out the entire look.
Such a sick tribute to the channel that we had to use it in the outro videos!
Very well done by Sviix!
These are just a few of the awesome skin ideas and art that you can find around the community.
Did you know that Blizzard actually has a wall of their favorite fan art and media including
skins right in the middle of the Overwatch developers offices?
That’s how seriously excellent these are and that wall keeps on growing!
Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today, guys.
But I KNOW there are tons of amazing skins out there that deserve some recognition.
Drop your favorites down below in the comments and don't forget to rate and comment on the
video while you’re down there!
Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you next time!
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Top 10 New Skin Concepts! - Overwatch

342 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 23, 2017
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