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  • GORDAN RAMSAY: For tonight's elimination challenge,

  • you will all have to replicate my pan-roasted sea bass

  • on a bed of the most luxurious cauliflower puree

  • you've ever tasted, served with caramelized beetroots

  • and a beautiful sauce vierge.

  • [impressed sounds]


  • You're getting serious!

  • GORDAN RAMSAY: Step one, sharp knife.

  • Start with preparation with some caramelized beetroots.

  • Don't cut them too close to the roots, otherwise they'll bleed.

  • Drizzle with olive oil, and then two nice little pockets.

  • Into the oven.

  • 20, 25 minutes.

  • Now, cauliflower puree.

  • Stalks off.

  • Add the cauliflower in.

  • Poaching cauliflower in milk helps

  • the cauliflower dry white.

  • And then put them on to boil.

  • From there, tomato.

  • This is the base of our sauce vierge.

  • Get your water boiling, go in.

  • Just spin the tomato around, take out your core,

  • and in the water for 5 seconds.

  • CHILDREN: One, two, three, four, five.

  • And into ice water.

  • Now, the ice water helps you get that skin peeled immediately.

  • CHILDREN: Wow!

  • GORDAN RAMSAY: And then slice it into four.

  • Then from there, tip your knife, come under,

  • just remove those seeds.

  • And look, nice little sternums.

  • From there, two tablespoons of olive oil, fresh lemon juice,

  • add tomatoes into the sauce, and fresh mint.

  • Mix that up.

  • Let that sit there.

  • Now, sea bass.

  • Take a fish, just score the skin, nice and gently.

  • Don't go through too deep.

  • A touch of salt. Into the pan.

  • 90% of the fish will be cooked skin-side down in order to get

  • that really nice and crispy.

  • Chef Ramsey makes this look so easy.

  • Cauliflower is cooked. Strain it.

  • PEYTON: Everything's like, perfect.

  • I hope by the end of this competition,

  • my skills will be just as good as his.

  • Look at that. CHILDREN: Wow!

  • That looks perfect.

  • GORDAN RAMSAY: So that is beautiful and silky.

  • From there, beetroots.

  • Ah, that smells beautiful!

  • GORDAN RAMSAY: Slice them.

  • Beetroots in.

  • Touch of vinegar.

  • That will give it a really nice shine.

  • CHILDREN: Whoa!

  • GORDAN RAMSAY: And now, the fish.

  • Beautiful.

  • GORDAN RAMSAY: Get that butter foaming,

  • and it just sits there another 10 seconds,

  • and then turn the gas off.

  • This is where it starts to take shape.

  • Caramelized beetroots, on.

  • Then, fill in those gaps with that wonderful puree.

  • Just a little touch of puree for my sea bass.

  • Beautiful.

  • One more little garnish.

  • Candied striped beets.

  • Beautiful little chips.

  • Finally, dress the plate.

  • One side there.

  • There, we have the pan roasted sea bass!

  • [applause]

  • GORDAN RAMSAY: With amazing cauliflower puree.

GORDAN RAMSAY: For tonight's elimination challenge,

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Gordon Ramsay’s Pan Roasted Sea Bass With Cauliflower Puree | Season 5 | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

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