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I think the only people I see that are successful at picking up women at bars
Don't really have pick up lines, their pick up lines aren't pick up lines.
Don't say lines, don't think of things to say.
It's like, "Hey! Can I buy you a drink?" or "Hi! My name is such-and-such." You know?
Don't try to be witty, just be yourself.
When you're at the bar, then you're in pole position.
If you've got some spot in the bar, everybody've got the opportunity to judge who it is that you want to vibe with.
If you're out and maybe don't know a lot of people at the bar, try to buddy up with whoever is serving you drinks.
Start with the bartender, ask the bartender- if they're not too busy!
It gives you a little credibility if the bartender comes up to you and is treating you really nicely.
Whoever you're talking to is going to think you're a good person.
If you play it too cool, then you're just kind of hanging out by yourself.
Then you're just going to be hanging out by the popcorn machine all night.
Go up, 'hi, how are you doing?' and then gauge the particular situation.
See how the girl's reacting to you, if she seems interested.
If you're being too cool for school then it doesn't fucking work out.
I've been in places where there'll be a guy that'll come in and spend the entire night and you can tell:
That's his only purpose for being there is trying to meet a girl.
Talk to everybody, and completely bomb and fail and not go home with anybody
and then come in another night without that on his mind, meet someone, start talking, and in ten minutes leave with them.
Trying to ask a question, 'Oh! What are you drinking?"
Or, "What should I try? I've never had anything here before."
I mean it's sort of like a go to original thing. Or it's not original, it's an un-original original thing to do I guess?
Do it but don't be creepy about it. Send them a drink, give them a wave, and toast to them.
and if they look over and see, 'oh that guy is cute.' Then she'll come up and talk to you.
and if she doesn't, then it was a nice gesture and you weren't creepy about it.
Yeah, I get to people watch and eaves drop without being a weirdo.
It's professionally go to do it, It's sort of part of the job.
Oh man, cause I'm eaves dropping on everybody's conversation. Remember that world. Remember that.
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The Bartender's Guide To Meeting Girls In Bars

10319 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on June 25, 2013    Clément translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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