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(heroic music)
- [Voiceover] Hey, welcome, I'm Hammeh
and in this series we're discovering the law,
backstory, and characters of Overwatch's heroes
including more detail through their in game
voice lines and interactions.
Before any map starts and during the game
on various triggers, Overwatch heroes chatter with
and react to each other in some funny in game ways.
These give us some great extra insights into
every character, interest, and back stories too.
In this video, we're looking at Mercy's story
through her interactions with fellow
heroes and the world around her.
Child prodigy turned brilliant scientist
and a staunch advocate for peace,
Dr. Angela Ziegler has always stood up
for what she believes in.
Previously a key figure in Overwatch,
where she made many medical breakthroughs
and scientific advances, until the organization's downfall.
Mercy is now helping people in war
and crisis zones across the world.
As a second dominate crisis appears to take its grip
on the planet, whether Ziegler will pilot her
Valkyrie swift response suit to aid of the vigilante
X overwatch operatives fighting town
currently remains to be seen.
Firstly, we'll run through Mercy's lore and backstory.
We know little about Angela Ziegler's early years.
At some point in her childhood, sadly,
she became an orphan, her parents dying through war,
which would shape her attitudes to
conflict and violence in the years ahead.
We don't know for sure what conflict caused
the death of Mercy's parents,
or when the Omnic crisis started,
she would have been seven or so years old.
So, it's possible that her parents may have been
some of the victims of Omnic aggression worldwide.
As Omnic corporations omnium production facilities
reactivated and went rogue, Angela would have
grown up in a time of war and crisis,
perhaps being just 11 years old when Overwatch's
strike team brought an end to it.
Whether driven on by the deaths of her parents
or through a natural talent,
while growing up, a young Angela
must have shown signs of being a child prodigy
with a brilliant scientific mind.
As the first first strike team, led by Gabriel Reyes,
succeeded in stopping the Omnic crisis,
the world celebrated.
His team that brought peace to the world
would become the leadership of Overwatch,
with Jack Morrison as strike commander,
Ana Amari as second in command,
and Reyes moved sideways to command Blackwatch,
Overwatch's special operations unit.
And they would usher in two decades of increasing
prosperity and peace.
It seems possible at this point
that Angela may have had some contact
with Overwatch before formally joining the
organisation later in her life.
This picture shows a younger Mercy,
perhaps 17 or so years old,
with a young Fareeha, later to be known as Pharah,
Amari, and a lot of Overwatch members,
some familiar to us, some unknown for now.
Whether Mercy had contact with Overwatch or not,
before she served her style continued to rise.
She became a highly skilled surgeon
and rose to become the head of the field
at a prominent Swiss hospital.
While still pursuing her scientific research,
she then pioneered a highly
significant medical breakthrough.
Medical science in the Overwatch world had already
advanced hugely in recent years, particularly around
human enhancement and augmentation,
with the still classified but widely acknowledged
American soldier enhancement programme being a rather
public example of such, through the
exploits of Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes.
Instead of militarised applications
like the U.S.A. had developed,
Angela's work in applied nanobiology
was far more peaceful in nature.
She developed techniques on the cutting edge of medicine
at the time that radically improved the treatment
of life-threatening injuries and illnesses.
These huge strides in research with practical
and beneficial results rapidly caught
the attention of Overwatch.
In the years following the first Omnic crisis,
Overwatch had experienced a rapid rise in profile,
prominence, and funding.
Celebrated by the world as heroes,
strike commander Jack Morrison and his team
took the opportunity to try and improve
the future of humanity, not only serving as a peacekeeping
force, Morrison made Overwatch an engine for
innovation and progress, attracting leading
scientists and minds in various disciplines who would
work on everything from combating natural disasters
and climate change to even space exploration.
Angela Ziegler, a trail-blazer in her own field,
seemed to be an obvious candidate
to join this scientific crusade.
Angela would have been torn on whether to join, however.
The circumstances of her parent's deaths
had left her opposed to violence and she was morally
at odds with what she saw as Overwatch's militaristic
approach to attempting to keep world peace.
In spite of this, Angela made a pragmatic decision,
recognising that the stature, technology, funding,
and platform that Overwatch could bring could allow
her to help humanity on a much larger scale
than surgery in a single hospital.
She accepted the position as head of medical research.
As Overwatch dealt with war-mongering dictators,
rogue Omnics, terrorism, and natural disasters,
amongst other things, Angela's research shifted
towards applying her healing expertise in the field
for front line medicine and care.
One of the results was the Valkyrie swift response suits.
When combined with the Caduceus staff,
could give its operator excellent mobility in
challenging environments to help them
look after the injured.
Ever the active doctor, Ziegler would pilot
the suit herself on many Overwatch missions.
One such mission could have been
when the life of Genji Shimada was saved.
Left dying by his brother Hanzo,
Ziegler's intervention kept him alive.
He would then be offered a chance of life
in exchange for his help, but it would
only be possible through extensive cyborization,
with adding mechanical systems to his body.
We don't know what Mercy would have felt
about this proposal and indeed how much
she was involved in Genji's rebuilding.
Rebuilding his body in exchange for his aid
seems to be against her moral code.
Angela would find herself having to be
the moral conscience of Overwatch on more than one occasion.
Often at odds with her superiors and the organization's
overarching aims, Ziegler found herself in positions
where her moral code would often be challenged,
along with her research aims.
Her ethical position on the use of her work
was made very clear in a conversation around
Torbjorn's prototype designs for what would
later become Ana's biotic rifle.
The tone of Torbjorn's comment, "despite what my esteemed
colleague will surely suggest,"
makes it sound as though this wasn't the first time
Mercy had voiced her ethical concerns.
Ziegler's warnings about the start of a slippery slope
to her work being made into a weapon were to be proven true,
As this technology was adapted beyond its nonviolent origins
into Ana's current biotic rifling grenade with
both healing and damaging properties
exist as proof of this today.
These weren't the only conflicts
taking place within Overwatch.
Towards the later end of its existence,
as Mercy strived to maintain her research
as medical purity, Overwatch was
under attack from within and without.
Externally, allegations of mismanagement,
negligence, corruption, and weapons perforation,
amongst other things caused public scrutiny to grow.
And within, rogue elements within Blackwatch
sought to bring down the organisation
and turn it to their own ends.
As a highly secret unit investigation started
to look into these claims, Overwatch would see
that soon demise with the destruction of the Swiss
headquarters, caused by a confrontation between
strike commander Morrison and Blackwatch commander Reyes.
Laying waste to two decades of achievements in a very
short period of time.
In her senior position as head of medical research
and after the presumed death of Ana Ramari in Overwatch's
closing years, Ziegler would have been at the heart
of Overwatch's challenging times in those final months.
She and others had been trying to heal
the broken relationship and friendship between
Morrison and Reyes, but to no avail.
In inquisition and most mortem that was to come
after Overwatch's downfall, Mercy was asked
to provide evidence to a United Nations committee hearing,
which was revealed by Olympia Shore of Atlas News.
"The tension became more pronounced as time went on,"
Ziegler had said to the committee in evidence.
"I tried to mend things, we all did, but sometimes,
when the closest bonds break, all you can do is
pray that you stay out of the crossfire."
When Overwatch had finally dissolved, the peerless
healer dedicated herself to helping
people affected by conflict and war.
Spending most of her time looking after the injured
and the needy in crisis areas of the world,
Mercy's last known whereabouts were
potentially in the middle east,
as shown in recall when Winston's tracker
reveals her to be in the region of modern day Iran or Iraq.
As the agent summons has been sent out by Winston,
is Angela going to answer?
Would she return to work with her former colleagues again,
or does she feel that the organisation she had
many personal conflicts with shouldn't be resurrected
to combat today's threats in the world?
One thing's for sure, wherever vulnerable people
are in need, Mercy will be watching over them.
- [Mercy] Valkyrie online.
- [Voiceover] From her various voice lines and quotes,
Mercy's a caring person who truly believes
in helping people.
- [Mercy] Helping those in need is its own reward.
Don't thank me, just doing my job.
- [Voiceover] And her moral nature shows through as well.
- [Mercy] I choose not to seek revenge.
All I've ever wanted is to save lives.
- [Voiceover] She almost gets a bit frustrated
by combat being the cause of her work and shows
her dislike of violence too.
- [Mercy] Start a fight and this is what happens,
another patient for my operating table.
Must violence always be the solution?
- [Voiceover] When she's unable to help or
gets there too late, it clearly affects her.
- [Mercy] Damn it! I couldn't get there in time.
- [Voiceover] Due to what they have to deal with,
the highs and the lows, medics and doctors
often have quite a sharp sense of humour,
and Mercy is no different.
When she solo kills someone in a joke,
she comes out with this funny burn.
- [Mercy] You might not want to tell
your friends about that.
- [Voiceover] And on a melee kill,
she comes out with this gem.
- [Mercy] Say ah.
- [Voiceover] Mercy can be quite sharp as well
when she has a mind to.
- [Mercy] You've been discharged. Flat lined.
- [Voiceover] And, when she calls for help
she definitely sees the irony of the situation.
- [Mercy] Medic! Wait, that's me.
- [Voiceover] And in a situation where one Mercy
gets resurrected by another, she can
definitely see the funny side.
- [Mercy] So that's what it feels like,
now this is a role reversal.
- [Voiceover] Now, being Dr. Ziegler, of course,
Mercy has a bunch of medical and doctor
sounding references, including a few cliches,
but they're still all fun.
- [Mercy] Did someone call a doctor?
Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
I'll send you my consultation fee.
Take two and call me in the morning.
Need a second opinion?
- [Voiceover] Okay, it's time for learn a bit of
German with Mercy.
(Mercy speaks German)
- [Voiceover] That, of course, means understood.
(Mercy speaks German)
- [Voiceover] Is excuse me.
(Mercy speaks German)
- [Voiceover] That one's Mercy on emergency duty.
(Mercy speaks German)
- [Voiceover] And, in another translation of one of
her English lines, this means I'm not a miracle worker,
well, not always.
(Mercy speaks German)
(Voiceover repeats)
- [Voiceover] I am there.
(Mercy speaks German)
- [Voiceover] No huge prizes for this one,
that's the wonders of modern medicine.
(Mercy speaks German)
- [Voiceover] Last but not least, that's
on a scale of one to ten, how much does it hurt?
Just a quick word in the Mercy reference game,
can you recognise what film this is referencing?
- [Mercy] I concur.
- [Voiceover] Now, that's actually a line from
Catch me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
He plays a conman, he spends a bunch of time
masquerading as a pilot, but for a short time
he masquerades as a doctor in a hospital.
DiCaprio's character says, "I concur,"
to try and bluff his way past other doctors
and students who are offering their opinions to him.
To finish off Mercy's lines, I couldn't help but include
the awesome line from her sigrin Valkyrie skin,
- [Mercy] Till Valhalla.
- [Voiceover] And, of course, her imp and devil mercy skin
resurrect line as well.
- [Mercy] Heroes never die, for a price.
- [Voiceover] Quick fact for you, some of you,
if you haven't played in Beta,
might not know that Mercy actually had a switch
in voiceover just before the game launched.
I keep an archive of as many old voices lines and patches
as I can so here's a quick few of her old videos
and lines for comparison.
- [Mercy] On a scale of one to ten, how is your pain?
Five, four, three, two, one.
- [Voiceover] As an ex senior member of Overwatch, Mercy
knows a whole bunch of the original agents and commands,
and we can learn more about both her character and
the people around her through her pregame interactions.
As colleagues in Overwatch, Mercy would have worked
with Reyes, perhaps in the field but definitely
on research and development.
His name is on the prototype biotic rifle communication
that Torbjorn sent, for example.
When the two reunite, Mercy is surprised
at what Reyes has become.
- [Mercy] What happened to you?
- [Reyes] You tell me dark.
- [Voiceover] Now, before I go any further,
I'm gonna quickly interrupt this video
for a bit of law busting, busting a law myth
and a few incorrect beliefs.
It's been an often sighted community line
that Mercy used to have a voice line in beta,
"this is not what I intended, Reyes,"
to which Reaper replied, "you knew
exactly what you were doing."
Now, a lot of people like the idea of an evil or
grey moral Mercy and base theories off of this,
but it's been confirmed by Blizzard on Twitter
that the line mentioned never actually existed.
Example of apparently how head cannon
can become community urban myth.
So, this Reaper line was in the files,
but Mercy's apparently never was.
Now what I recon could have happened
in the actual story, speculation here entirely,
is that some kind of healing or biotic technology
could have failed, clashed with Reyes' soldier
enhancement programme changed body,
and somehow caused his current state.
Mercy did not have to be involved in that,
that's a really big story and it'll be an amazing
one to see when it hopefully is told in the future.
One thing though, Mercy's line didn't exist.
Okay, on with the interactions.
Mercy clearly fought on some missions alongside
Reinhardt and clearly has a little bit of concern
for the old man's welfare, but
Reinhardt's not having any of it.
- [Mercy] Reinhardt, don't you think it's time
you hung it up, you're not getting any younger.
- [Reinhardt] Never, I will fight to my last breath.
- [Voiceover] I don't see Reinhardt retiring anytime soon.
Mercy's never really scared to voice her opinion and she
certainly isn't when it comes to Reinhardts current
vigilante lawbrand that he's engaged in with his
squire and companion, Brigitte, around Germany.
- [Mercy] Reinhardt, I don't approve of you
dragging that poor girl around on your adventures.
- [Mercy] Reinhardt, I don't approve of you
dragging that poor girl around on your adventures.
- [Reinhardt] Brigitte has made her choice,
I would have her at my side.
- [Voiceover] Mercy's intervention certainly saved
Ginji's life when he was left on the brink of death
by Hanzo, and the two certainly served together
in Overwatch until Ginji left the organisation
after he'd finished dismantling
his family's criminal empire.
In the meantime, Ginji's found himself in the help of
Zenyatta, but Genji and Mercy probably haven't
seen each other since he left,
as they have a catch up when they interact.
- [Mercy] You seem well, Genji.
- [Genji] I am a different man now, I am whole.
- [Voiceover] When Genji's revived by Mercy,
he shows he doesn't forget the help that she gave him.
- [Genji] You've rescued me again, Dr. Ziegler.
- [Voiceover] And, when Genji sees Mercy die on his team,
you can occasionally hear him be very sad at the fact.
- [Genji] Angela!
- [Voiceover] Mercy's actually got a return version
of this in the game files, although I don't think
it's live in the game, on the PTR, as of September 2016.
Let's see if it makes it into game.
- [Mercy] Genji, I was too late.
- [Voiceover] Mercy might have met Pharah
when they were both young, and this is a photo
from their past, but the two certainly hadn't
talked in any depth recently if this
interaction is anything to go by.
- [Mercy] Your mother always hoped
you'd follow in her footsteps.
- [Pharah] She did?
Funny, she never mentioned that to me.
- [Voiceover] Now, this was a lot more prominent before Ana
had released and this was an interesting response
from Pharah at the time, hinting that Ana
might have tried to dissuade Pharah
from following her footsteps.
Pharah's comic mission statement seems to show
that she remembers her mom talking about
negative aspects of combat and operations,
rather than positive things.
Since Ana's release, her origin trainers explanation
of her desires for Fareeha's future
and the new interactions that came with Ana on her release,
we now know that the two probably
have reconciled the tension that used to exist between them.
Mercy and Pharah do have one more fun interaction,
I believe, rocket queen and battle angel do make
an excellent team of heroes in game,
combat effectiveness-wise.
Anyone heard this one?
- [Mercy] Let's keep the skies clear together.
- [Voiceover] Mercy was clearly in Overwatch when
Winston graduated and officially joined,
if this photo is anything to go by.
- [Mercy] Winston, are you experiencing any issues
with your genetic therapy?
- [Winston] Other than a crippling
addiction to peanut butter?
- [Voiceover] Now remember, Winston was a test subject for
genetic engineering and therapy on the moon.
As Mercy and Winston have worked together in Overwatch,
maybe she helped support him with any ongoing side effects.
Mercy and Ana must have served together for a while
in the later stages of Overwatch's existence, before
the fateful mission on which Ana
lost her eye and dropped off the grid.
When they meet up before a match starts,
Mercy immediately, as always, wants to help.
It's in her nature.
- [Mercy] You know, Ana, there are procedures
we could look into to repair your eye.
- [Ana] You're very kind, but I'm comfortable
with who I am now, it's a good reminder.
- [Voiceover] Now, it was interesting that Ana's
happy with how she is now.
She sees her eye as a reminder of her change of character.
Mercy, however, isn't entirely forgiving of Ana
when they interact as well before a game,
she is not happy about Ana's use of her biotics.
- [Mercy] Ana, I don't approve of what you've done
with my biotic technology.
- [Ana] I'm sorry you feel that way,
but it suits my purposes now.
- [Voiceover] There's definitely an interesting story there.
We know that from the diagram that Torbjorn sent over
and the conversation around it, the rifle that Ana
has is the realisation of some of Mercy's concerns
back in the Overwatch days.
I wonder who actually modified Ana's rifle and
how Ana actually managed to pick it up and acquire it.
A story for another day I'm sure.
I love interactions between Mercy and Mei.
Both have clearly met at some point in the past
and the key thing that they decide to talk about
when meeting again for the first
time is antiaging treatments.
- [Mei] Dr. Ziegler, I don't think you've aged
a day since I last saw you.
- [Mercy] And neither have you, Mei.
- [Voiceover] And finally, when they catch up again,
Mercy comes right back at Mei as well.
- [Mercy] Mei, you haven't aged a day, what's your secret?
- [Mei] Cryostasis, but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it.
- [Voiceover] Now remember, Mei was frozen in cryostasis in
an abandoned eco watchpoint, watchpoint Antarctica,
when a storm cut off the base,
supplies, and help from arriving.
She was the only survivor when the cryogenic chamber
was discovered, it's a really sad story.
So remember that the next time you feel
ill will towards any Mei's.
By the way, I'd probably say it's not an anti-aging
regime to be recommended, I'm definitely
with Mei on that one.
Now, given that these two both like a bit of
researching and inventing, I thought there'd
be a bit more between Mercy and Torbjorn.
She's quite close to him in a friendly sense
in pictures so far, I don't think this is in
the game right now, and I'll be honest with you,
I can't remember the precise interaction
from beta if it was, but in beta there was a line
from Torbjorn to Mercy.
- [Torbjorn] Doc, I've been having the worst headaches.
- [Voiceover] Now, I can't remember what Mercy's
response to Torbjorn was, and I'm not 100% sure
it was this, so this isn't official.
Here's a Mercy response that I can't remember
the pair for, but I just find funny, it would fit.
- [Mercy] There's no prescription to treat what you have.
- [Voiceover] Mercy piloted her Valkyrie swift response
suit on a fair few Overwatch missions,
so she's not been stuck in the lab all the time,
but the only map in game at the moment
that Mercy has direct interactions with
is Watchpoint Gibraltar.
When Mercy spawns on the watchpoint,
she's reminded of what she used to work with
when she was in Overwatch.
- [Mercy] I'm not used to state of the art
facilities these days.
- [Voiceover] It probably is a stark contrast to the
warzones in which she's working now,
and again on Watchpoint Gibralta, Mercy reminisces
as to the problems that Overwatch faced
and reflects on whether it has a place in today's world.
- [Mercy] Overwatch was shut down for a reason,
maybe it's best it stay that way.
- [Voiceover] Thanks very much for tuning into my
Hero Voiceline Story Series.
Check out the playlists and intel on the left
for more videos like this of all the different heroes
of Overwatch, we've just got three or so to go.
If you like this video, please hit that like button below,
subscribe, comment with what lines you enjoy most,
and a hero you'd like to see covered next.
Big thanks to all of the talented artists
who's art was featured in Mercy's you section,
thanks for giving me permission to use your work.
And do check out all of links to their portfolios
at Deviant Arts in the description below.
Take it easy.
(heroic music)
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Overwatch - Mercy, Watching The Watchmen! (Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore) | Hammeh

1019 Folder Collection
Aster published on March 19, 2017
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