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  • we all have a lot of questions

  • about how to make our world a better place

  • but we can agree on at least one of the answers

  • education can pave the way to a healthier communities and nations

  • boost economies and employment

  • empower women

  • and bring equity and social justice

  • it's the key to the future we all want to see

  • and it all starts here

  • at school

  • so how do we unlock that door for children everywhere

  • there are more than a hundred and twenty million

  • children and adolescents not in school around the world

  • and 600 million more who need to be enrolled by 2030

  • if we want to achieve basic education for all

  • and they'll need access to quality education

  • so they can stay in school and reach success

  • we have a big task ahead

  • so should we build a million more schools

  • it would be a start

  • but what if those schools lack teachers and resources

  • and we end up with millions of students

  • who still can't read or count by age 10

  • and what about parents who

  • still think it's best to keep their children at home

  • at unicef we believe that we have to look at it from all angles

  • because the school is more than a building

  • and an education takes more than just four walls

  • so what does it look like to create schools that transform lives

  • at UNICEF

  • we start with the right ground work

  • working with governments, teachers, parents

  • and the wider community

  • to ensure schools have all the support and

  • resources they need

  • together with our partners

  • we work on turning classrooms

  • into more stimulating learning spaces

  • where children can grow and thrive

  • and of course training plenty of teachers

  • who can bring learning to life

  • we focus on getting children in the door

  • as earlier as possible

  • so they have more time to grow and reach the best results

  • and we find innovative ways to improve learning and take it beyond the classroom

  • we make schools easier to access

  • for the most disadvantaged children

  • and help children continue their schooling

  • even when disaster strikes and things fall apart

  • through our joint efforts we can do all these things in many countries

  • to impact millions of children

  • because if we want to pave the way for future generations

  • we have to think big

  • so let's do it together

  • let's build the bigger picture

we all have a lot of questions

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教育改寫命運 Schools That Transform Lives

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