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We all want to be normal but our picture of what is normal is in fact really unhelpful.
So many of the things we're told that are weird are in fact completely average and widespread.
For example, if you fear you've married the wrong person;
get sick with envy when a friend succeeds; fantasize about your wife's sister;
want to cry when anyone criticizes you; dislike the way you look;
panic at the thought of going to a party; worry a great deal about farting in public;
feel you might vomit during a meeting out of fear;
have ever had a lustful thought about a member of your own family;
bump your head while trying to get into a taxi;
are turned on by some pretty strange people or stories in the news;
frequently visit adult websites; regard yourself as a fraud;
worry about not making it to the bathroom in time;
walk into doors, lampposts, rearview mirrors, bollards;
worry that other people can see your private parts;
still think about a relationship that ended badly eleven years ago;
then you can quietly congratulate yourself: you are deeply normal.
We suffer so much and so unnecessarily because our picture of what is normal,
isn't true to how most of us actually are.
We get disgusted and ashamed of ourselves for no reason.
There's nothing strange about being compulsive, manic, anxious, sexual, worried, or mad.
Being odd is normal.
And that's okay.
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No One is 'Normal'

64251 Folder Collection
Zoey published on August 23, 2017
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