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  • Word up Food Tubers! This is the first day of the Christmas calendar. We are going to

  • kick off with amazing, amazing party food. Crispy quid with the most amazing spicy mayonnaise.

  • It's a beautiful recipe and you will blow people away so let's get our head around it.

  • What makes the best, not just good, the best crispy squid.

  • We've got some squid it's been gutted and skinned and your fishmonger will do this for

  • you! We are going to get a nice ninja knife and we are going to go through the body of

  • the squid, very gently to the tip. Now we need something really technical. A regular

  • eating knife. A sharp knife will screw this up. I want you to lightly score it on the

  • inside of the squid. You don't want to push down, you'll just cut through it. Turn it

  • around and then do this side. I'm making like a chess board. So after scoring it, we've

  • already started to tenderise it, beautiful. But we want a crunch, there's nothing wrong

  • with just straight old flour. It's going to create this kind of lovely outside layer which

  • is going to be your crunch. Bur that flour you can infiltrate and you can flavour and

  • you can make the most delicious flour ever! Get a big handful of fennel seeds. Whizz it

  • up! So I've got some oregano going in. It smells and tastes gorgeous. A heaped teaspoon

  • of salt to get things going and whizz it up. I'm putting what you can see is a large amount

  • in there. Ground white pepper, a good heaped teaspoon in there, so mix that up with your

  • hands, in me go with the squid. SO I want to dress each one of these so it's all covered.

  • Onto the legs, the legs I always cook one minute before the other parts. The legs I

  • think benefit from a bit of extra cooking. An additional extra, unwaxed lemon. I want

  • to slice this up, but I want it thin. I'm going to throw that into the flour. And some

  • parsley. What I'm going to do is make sure there's some water on the parsley and mix

  • it up. Let that sit for five minutes. To go with it is going to be an amazing mayonnaise.

  • And I want a mayonnaise that when you dip the squid in it's going to go whoo hoo!

  • Get a clove of garlic, with a good pinch of salt. Let's start the story, smash into a

  • pulp, two heaped tablespoons of mayo go in. We mix it, I'm going to take a really amazing

  • product that I love called harrissa. This is sometimes a mixture of chillies, I mean

  • look at it, it's amazing. It is hot, it's like a rounded, beautiful hot so I'm going

  • to put one teaspoon in there then we need to bring it to life, so I'm going to go in

  • with the juice of half a juicy lemon. So we're lifting that mayonnaise. If you want to get

  • more lemon flavour, the zest is super good, and I want like a sea of mayo. I've got a

  • secret ingredient that's going to like kick it up, rose water. It's fragrant, it's floral,

  • your crispy squid is going to become famous overnight.

  • So we've got some of the chilli in it but then we're going to take that harrisa and

  • put it on it. Look at the darkness of that chilli oil and just marble. So when people

  • go for a smidge of crispy squid they get a beautiful mayonnaise then a punch around the

  • face of just happiness and joy. No mucking about there.

  • Right, let's cook some squid. You probably won't have a thermometer. Grab a potato, put

  • it in, by the time it floats like this one you should be rattling around 170 degrees

  • Celsius so gather your legs. Shake off the excess, in it goes. There's a bit of spitting

  • going on so you might want to keep your distance. In you go with your squid. It's all very exciting,

  • don't overfill your pan. The legs have had about one and half minutes, the bodies have

  • had about 40 seconds. Then I'm thinking about my lemons which will only take 30 seconds.

  • We'll make it look pretty but they're also nice to eat. Look at the lovely crispy skin.

  • It's looking yeehah! In with the parsley. Take this squid which is now done onto your

  • paper. That's going to drain. Look at the colour, phenomenal, absolutely beautiful.

  • Perfectly cooked bodies more importantly. That's where your money is.

  • At this point I like to take our little hot friend here. Hot and crispy. We're going to

  • slice this up here, sharp knife to go through an when you do that you get that and that

  • ladies and gentlemen is what it's all about. Beautiful, juicy, delicate squid. Rude boy

  • style, slightly crispy on the outside right and that is a game changer. Slice through

  • them any thickness you like. Obviously that means you can stretch it a little further

  • should more people turn up. Really, really beautiful, very very nice, crispy galore.

  • I mean look at that guys. Not many people serve it like this, I think it's exciting.

  • There you go, that's the festive crispy squid amazing crust. Super ridiculous mayonnaise,

  • if you like this recipe, like it. And of course keep the comments coming in, it's really important

  • to where we go next. All you have to do now is take a piece of squid and dip into our

  • mayonnaise and put it into our gob! That, is, amazing. You've got to have a go at that.

  • Yeah! Throughout December me and the rest of the

  • Food Tube family are giving you brand new videos every single day. Great recipes, tips

  • and festive fun. So get involved. Subscribe to Food Tube, it's free! And together we'll

  • make it the best Christmas ever! Lots of love, Mister O.

  • Word up Food Tubers! Come on!

Word up Food Tubers! This is the first day of the Christmas calendar. We are going to

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