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  • Hej [Swedish].

  • We know more and more people are moving to cities and living in small apartments.

  • So we challenged ourselves to make a bedroom as small as possible for a young couple renting their space.

  • Of course the bedroom needs to have room for sleeping, relaxing, getting dressed and tons of storage.

  • The challenge is to think differently.

  • We started by making a multifunctional bed.

  • We built the base using METOD kitchen cabinets for big time under the bed storage.

  • We left this space for movable storage.

  • We screwed wheels on an IVAR shelf, so some things can be hidden but still easy to access.

  • Because this couple rents, we tried not to drill any holes.

  • But they can still show their personalities with textiles and by taping up their favorite things.

  • Here we made a getting ready corner.

  • These mirrors attach with double-stick tape and don't make holes, either.

  • Natural light helps make a room feel bigger, so we were careful not to block the window.

  • We have lamps, too, just not on the floor.

  • What about hanging stuff?

  • Here, we made an outfit board out of a piece of wallpapered wood.

  • On this wall, we built a different kind of wardrobe.

  • We made the outfit board idea even bigger by painting sheets of wood and covering them with knobs.

  • To maximize space, we worked in layers and put movable clothes racks in front.

  • This multifunctional storage bench makes a place to sit and put on socks and shoes.

  • That's a lot of storage and ideas in one bedroom, but we squeezed it down to 9.5 square metres.

  • We had to build it, of course.

  • Come on in.

  • We'll show you how it works.

  • Even though the room is small, well-planned storage makes it feel bigger.

  • And open floor space leaves room for two even if it's tight sometimes.

  • Movable furniture means flexibility, so you can hide things and work in layers.

  • Added touches like knobs, handles and paint tie the room's style together.

  • Textiles make the bedroom personal and of course, comfy, too.

  • Multifunctional is magical.

  • A roller blind can be a movie screen; a drawer can be a bedside table.

  • Ready to find the possibilities in your small space?

  • Use multifunctional, movable and layered solutions to create smart storage and open floor space.

  • Happy planning!

Hej [Swedish].

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