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Xbox One drops DRM, the War Z changes its name, EA sticks with their plan to discontinue
the online pass, Steam might start allowing game borrowing - and stick around to the end
for a special Curse announcement and giveaway!
Hey guys, I'm Jess, and this is the Curse Weekly Roundup for June 21st.
First up, Microsoft has removed the DRM from the Xbox One....for now. They made a surprising
but welcome announcement wednesday, saying that the console will no longer have to connect
to the internet once a day, will no longer prevent you from playing used games, and will
have NO region restrictions whatsoever. So what do you guys think? Do they actually care
about their fans? Or do they just wanna ensure they make more money? I mean, that IS how
business work, right? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of all this.
Next up, the War Z has changed its name to Infestation: Survivor Stories. Now, the official
story here, which of course has some truth to it, is that there was too much confusion
with what they call a "similarly-titled property," aka Day Z and/or World War Z. But to me, this
smells like a rebranding - The War Z pissed off too many people and got itself a bad reputation,
so they're trying to rebrand and market itself to a new audience. Have any of you guys played
The War Z? Is it as bad as everyone says? Lemme know in the comments!
Moving on, in the wake of these announcements of the Xbox One and PS4 being able to play
used games, EA says their decision to discontinue the Online Pass remains unchanged. With the
announcements that Sony and Microsoft ARE both allowing used games to run on their next
gens, fans were worried the Online Pass, which was given the kebosh in May, would make a
comeback - but EA COO Peter Moore says that he is a proponent of used games, and the Online
Pass is gone for good.
Speaking of used games, shrewd NeoGAF forums users found snippets of code tucked away in
the latest Steam Beta update that suggest that you'll one day be able to borrow Steam
games from your friends. Screenshots of the UI scripting reveal phrases like: "Your games
are currently in use by a borrower, playing now will send them a notice that it's time
to quit." These messages are only in the beta, and of course it's possible they won't actually
make it into the actual client, but...think about how cool that'd be. You'd no longer
have to give a friend your login info if they wanna try out a game you own.
Next up, some awesome new details about The Witcher 3 have emerged - so we'd already heard
things about new modes of transportation like horses and fast-travel; but now they've revealed
that the game will have no loading screens, and 36 different endings? Fans were left skeptical
- is that gonna be actually 36 different endings, or 3 different ones with very slight dialogue
variations? Also, how much would you have to play to actually SEE all 36? That's a BIG
game. Are you guys gonna be picking this one up when it comes out? Leave me a comment and
lemme know if you're a fan of the Witcher series!
And finally - Curse Entertainment is getting SO close to hitting 50k subscribers! Keep
your eyes peeled in the next few days - as soon as we hit that milestone, we're putting
up a special video and giving out some exciting prizes.
And that's all for this week, but as always be sure to subscribe if you haven't already
and give us a Like while you're at it! Once again I'm Jess from Curse, find me on Twitter
@JessBrohard! THanks for watching! Enjoy the game.
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Weekly Roundup - 6-21-13 - Xbox One DRM, War Z name change, EA online pass, and more

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阿多賓 published on June 23, 2013
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