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Today I'm going to show you how to make a really cool light bulb vase.
We're going to use a screw fit light bulb and a wire coat hanger.
We're going to start by putting on eye protection and a thick safety glove.
Then take a firm grip of the bulb, and using some pliers, remove the contact
at the end off it.
Next take a thin screwdriver, poke it through the hole and smash the glass cap off the end.
Then using our screwdriver we're going to carefully smash through the glass seal,
into the bulb.
Next we need to open up the glass hole so its large enough to remove all the loose content inside.
Do this slowly and be very careful.
Then go ahead and empty out the contents.
We now have an empty glass bulb vase!
To make the stand, we're going to cut the hook off our wire coat hanger, and straighten it out.
Then we're going to cut it to a length of 60cm and mark it to 5 equal
sections of 12cm.
Next we need to bend it into a triangle at the points we've marked,
Then bend up the 12cm upright
and the 12cm support bar.
Next we're going to curl the end of the support bar by either using you're pliers,
or by wrapping the bar around something until its the right size for the bulb to screw into.
This needs to be a good snug fit as we don't want the bulb to fall out. And there we have it,
Our simple light bulb vase! But if you want to make it really cool, we can actually
make it light up, and to do this, we're going to use an LED keyring.
Take it apart, and remove the battery and the LED.
This one actually has 2 batteries, and they're too big to fit inside the bulb. So we're going to use
3 smaller watch batteries taped up end to end instead, with the LED taped on
and bent to form a switch.
Next fix this inside the screw connector at the top of the bulb, using some blue tack,
and we'll use a screwdriver to switch it on an off.
Remove it to fill the bulb up with water, then put back the batteries and LED,
and add some flowers!
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How to Make a Light Bulb Vase

14406 Folder Collection
劉老 published on January 5, 2017    bamboowater translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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