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  • I have loved Beauty and the Beast since I was about... 4 years old.

  • The movie came out the year I was born,

  • in 1990.

  • And...I just fell in love with Belle.

  • She was this feisty young woman

  • who spoke her mind, had all of these ambitions, was incredibly independent,

  • and wants to see the world,

  • and was so smart.

  • And I loved how she had this relationship with Beast

  • which is toe to toe.

  • And...that to me to seems like such a dynamic and interesting kind of relationship

  • that I had never seen before in a fairytale.

  • I was just enamored with the whole thing.

  • I was just so in love.

  • It was so funny.

  • And...

  • so romantic.

  • But in a way that...

  • I don't know, for me, it didn't feel...

  • contrived in the same way that I think, perhaps,

  • other fairytales having the sense that

  • they, Beast and Belle really dislike each other in the beginning.

  • And they

  • They really don't get on.

  • And then they form this friendship.

  • And then they fall in love.

  • And that was just something...

  • so beautiful about that to me.

  • And I just loved it ever since.

  • As a child, you love Disney, but as an adult you still love Disney.

  • Because it sort of connect you with that childlike feeling

  • that everything is gonna be okay.

  • and there's, there's hope in the world.

  • Um, it's just sort of,

  • for me, it gives me the sense of like

  • everything's fine.

  • Everything's fine.

  • So you get to be in either playing Belle and to get to actually live in the world.

  • It's just amazing.

I have loved Beauty and the Beast since I was about... 4 years old.

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Beauty and the Beast - Emma Watson interview (2017)

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