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Good morning, I'm Jeff from the Overwatch team.
I'm very excited to be here with an
awesome Developer Update, because we are
introducing the 24th hero to Overwatch today.
So, we're here to talk about Orisa.
Orisa is a brand new character.
A lot of you probably haven't heard of her before.
But she has a really cool backstory.
So we want to talk a little bit about that
and introduce you to how Orisa came to be.
So, I'm going to back way up to the Omnic Crisis
which, as many of you know, was this terrible
world war that happened where robots
sort of took over the world.
Humans fought back. Overwatch was a big part of that.
We eventually struck peace with the omnics.
But during that Omnic Crisis
there are many different omnic units
used in the battles. So, as you know
Bastion, as an example, was one of those
units that was using the battle.
Well, there was another unit called the OR-14
which was specifically designed
to fight against the humans and
be part of the Omnic Crisis.
Well, fast-forward many years later after
the Omnic Crisis; peace has been struck.
We're in the city of Numbani where
humans and omnics get along great.
It's actually one of the most technologically
advanced and peaceful cities on the planet.
But they to start run into some strife
From a local villain who you
might have heard of before.
His name is Doomfist.
And in order to guard against Doomfist's attack
and protect the city against any other
dangers that might come about
the citizens of Numbani developed a more
advanced version of the old OR-14 unit
which they, not surprisingly, called the OR-15.
So, it was one version higher.
Well the OR-15s initially were okay and
suited for battle but they eventually
lost horrifically against Doomfist,
specifically in a battle that took place
in the Numbani airport.
And most of the citizens of Numbani
just gave up on the OR-15s.
You know, they failed miserably.
They're laying in pieces scattered
throughout the airport terminal this is no good.
We give up on these things.
Well, there was a young girl who didn't give
up hope. Her name is Efi.
She's an extremely smart girl
excellent at science, robotics, mathematics,
programming. She still had hope.
She still believed in what these OR-15 units
were supposed to do for her city.
So, she, sort of, as a scrappy young girl, took
the pieces back to her workshop
worked on this unit and created the evolution
to what the OR-14 and OR-15s were
and named it Orisa. She made a single heroic unit
that wasn't supposed to be part of
a huge battalion but was supposed to be
a specific individual hero and named it Orisa.
So, Orisa in terms of the timeline
of Overwatch is a brand new hero just on
the scene. So, we have yet to see what
Orisa is really going to do. So, that's
part of what's very exciting. Most of our
our heroes have a big historical
background. We've seen them succeed and fail
in their past history, as where Orisa is new
on the scene and it is Efi who has
created her, who is really encouraging
her to become a new hero of the future.
Now let's talk about mechanically what
Orisa does and what she brings to the
game and why we designed Orisa the way
we did. So, let's talk about her abilities first.
First of all she's a tank.
So, she will be in the tank role.
Her primary weapon is called "The Fusion Driver."
Think of it as a projectile-based machine gun
She moves a little bit more
slowly when she's shooting it, but it has a
good range to it. Probably more range
than almost any of our tanks have on
their weapons. Maybe Zarya's alternate
fire goes you know equally far.
But she's got a good range on it,
good rate of fire,
really high-sustained weapon with a
large clip size. So, that's the Fusion Driver.
The alternate fire ability on the
Fusion Driver is of extreme utility.
So, it sends out, basically, a pulse. Think of
Zarya's Graviton Charge, which is Zarya's ultimate.
But it sends out a single pulse
out from her and then you can click your
alternate fire again and will bring any
affected targets within its radius for a
very short period of time. So, it's like a
little mini Graviton Surge that she can
do more often and mostly she's using it
for positioning or re-positioning her targets.
It also you know briefly puts
them in place, so if you have a teammate
who's a Widowmaker or Hanzo or even Orisa
with her her great range on her gun,
can shoot towards that and it really helps
you line up some critical shots that can happen.
You can also pull people around
corners with it. So that's a really fun
ability that she has. She also has a tank
ability called "Fortify."
And what Fortify does is it
not only makes Orisa a little bit
tougher but it prevents Orisa from
sustaining any sort of crowd-control
ability that might be used against her.
So, like the most obvious examples are
maybe Pharah's Concussive Blast, which
normally knocks people around you know
moves them out of position. If Orisa has
fortify on, and she's going over that
bridge in the gardens of Lijiang tower,
you can't knock her off at that point.
She's she's in place. Plus, she doesn't
take as much damage as well. So, Fortify
is a very useful, very straightforward
tank ability. Now one of Orisa's most
defining abilities is her Protective Barrier.
The Protective Barrier is, you know,
think along the lines of
Reinhardt's barrier shield or Winston's
barrier bubble that he throws out.
The protective barrier has quite a range to it.
It's roughly the size and shape of about
half of Winston's bubble, and it goes out
anywhere where she targets it.
So it can be in front of her, could be slightly off
to the side, she can use it in close on
herself or she could use it you know
further in front of her to shield an ally.
And it creates a barrier that has
the normal amount of damage you can take
like other barriers in the game you can
destroy it.
Things that go through barriers like
Symmetra's alternate fire will go through
this, so it's got a lot of utility to it.
And a lot of use and a lot of protectiveness.
And lastly there is her
ultimate ability which is her
Supercharger. So, she wears this drum like
item on her back. When her ultimate's up
she can take it off her back, throw it
down on the ground, and it's effectively
damage boosting anybody who's in line of
sight of the Supercharger. Now the thing
about the Supercharger is, is that the
enemy team can kill the Supercharger.
So, you really need to make sure to protect
your Supercharger either with your
protective barrier or maybe you want to
put the Supercharger you know just out
off to the side out of line of sight of
your enemies but in line of sight of
your teammates. So, there's some gameplay
there to figuring out where the
Supercharger is because if the enemy
team kills it right away then your team
loses all that benefit. Now with Orisa I
really want to talk about why are we
adding another tank, because I know that
topic will come up and a lot of people
are sort of wondering you know how do we
pick what heroes come next and there's a
lot of reasons for that but primarily
with Orisa we were looking at our tank
line-up and you know we have heroes like
D.Va and Winston who are much more
disruptive in terms of tanking.
They're much more defined by their mobility, they
like to get in, they like to get out.
They don't stay in one place for too long.
They cause a lot of disruption and harassment.
You've got somebody like Roadhog.
He's all about punishing people who
are out of position and positioning
himself to punish people who are out of
position. So, he plays a very different
sort of role, but we're spending a lot of
time looking at Reinhardt and saying what
really defines Reinhardt and why is he so
important and critical to Overwatch?
And we started to describe Reinhardt that the
term that we would use on the
development team which we call him an
"anchor tank." And what we mean by that is
that Reinhardt almost anchors the
entire team with a properly
positioned Reinhardt, the team builds and
positions around Reinhardt. Because he
doesn't have a lot of mobility abilities
and because he has that protective
barrier in front of him
you sort of know where to position
yourself and when the team is going to
engage or disengage based upon what
Reinhardt is doing. So, we like this idea of
what we kept calling an anchor tank and
we felt like players needed more options
in that sort of anchor tank role.
We wanted another tank that teams could
build around and position around and
even though we think that tanks like
Winston and D.Va are really great and what
they bring to the game they're not
necessarily bringing what Reinhardt was
bringing. So, we hope that in Orisa
there's now another option to a
low-mobility tank but one that brings a high
amount of protection in her Protective
Barrier where you kind of see her on the
battlefield and go "oh, okay we're
approaching from from this angle. I will
get behind Orisa. I'll follow Orisa.
She'll put the barrier up. We'll follow
her in and will engage in that regard."
So, we know that there are concerns about
barriers in the game
we've actually you know we've been
working on Bastion re-tuning him to be
more effective against barriers. We do
have some very effective heroes against
barriers right now, for example Symmetra
with her alternate fire goes directly
through them. Obviously, Reinhardt's
Fire Strike goes through barriers as well.
Junkrat's grenades do
tremendous damage to barriers and will
melt them very quickly and if barriers
become too much of a thing, we're looking
at those in terms of balance and how
to adjust accordingly. Most of all we
just wanted to bring a new and exciting
hero to Overwatch. Not only does she fill
a role that we felt was very needed.
Not just a tank but one of these anchor
tanks that you really build a team around.
We also felt like Orisa was visually
challenging. We often hear that you know
when it comes to female characters they
tend to be more limited in their size
and appearance. Where the male characters
get these really like big and
challenging visual designs that are very
exciting and we've heard a lot of desire
to have a very visually challenging
female character. So, that was fun for us
to explore as well. So, we really want to
bring that to Overwatch. And most of all
we wanted to bring a really cool hero with
a lot of backstory that really rounded
out our current cast, that is not only
these old-school heroes who took part in
the old Overwatch and Talon and ominic
battles of the past, but really brought
something new and gave us some new hope
to look forward to what are the heroes
of the future going to bring to
Overwatch. So, we're really looking
forward to all the feedback we're going
to get on Orisa. We're going to keep
working on her until she's just right
and just perfect.
We hope you enjoy her and thank you very
much, we'll see soon.
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Developer Update | Introducing Orisa | Overwatch

491 Folder Collection
Ru-ming Jian published on March 4, 2017
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