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- [Voiceover] How often do you shower?
Twice a day?
Some of you may not even shower at all,
but how often should you actually shower?
According to dermatologists, Dr. Joshua Zeichner and Dr. Ranella Hirsch,
a lot of the reasons we do it is because of societal norms
and that it's really more of a cultural phenomenon.
Well, frequent showering may actually
be doing you more harm than good.
Showering too often, especially with hot water,
actually is bad for your skin.
You wash away the good bacteria and dry out your skin,
which puts small cracks
that put you in higher risk of infection.
If you have babies or toddlers,
exposing them to dirt and bacteria
may actually help their skin become less sensitive,
preventing allergies and conditions like eczema.
So, back to the question.
How often should you shower?
In general, you can probably skip a day or two.
Taking one every two to three days,
that doesn't seem so bad, right?
For those no shower days,
just use a washcloth or a cleansing towelette
on the grosser parts of your body,
under arms, under breasts, genitals,
your butt, and your face.
Think of all the water you'll save.
Mother Earth will be pleased.
Of course, your showering needs will depend on
climate and how active you are, but be reasonable.
If you're filthy, hit the showers.
(shower sounds)
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How Often Should You Shower?

17955 Folder Collection
李柏毅 published on May 1, 2017    Jo Huang translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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