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  • - [Voiceover] How often do you shower?

  • Once?

  • Twice a day?

  • Some of you may not even shower at all,

  • but how often should you actually shower?

  • According to dermatologists, Dr. Joshua Zeichner and Dr. Ranella Hirsch,

  • a lot of the reasons we do it is because of societal norms

  • and that it's really more of a cultural phenomenon.

  • Well, frequent showering may actually

  • be doing you more harm than good.

  • Showering too often, especially with hot water,

  • actually is bad for your skin.

  • You wash away the good bacteria and dry out your skin,

  • which puts small cracks

  • that put you in higher risk of infection.

  • If you have babies or toddlers,

  • exposing them to dirt and bacteria

  • may actually help their skin become less sensitive,

  • preventing allergies and conditions like eczema.

  • So, back to the question.

  • How often should you shower?

  • In general, you can probably skip a day or two.

  • Taking one every two to three days,

  • that doesn't seem so bad, right?

  • For those no shower days,

  • just use a washcloth or a cleansing towelette

  • on the grosser parts of your body,

  • under arms, under breasts, genitals,

  • your butt, and your face.

  • Think of all the water you'll save.

  • Mother Earth will be pleased.

  • Of course, your showering needs will depend on

  • climate and how active you are, but be reasonable.

  • If you're filthy, hit the showers.

  • (shower sounds)

- [Voiceover] How often do you shower?

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How Often Should You Shower?

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