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The 3DS and I have come a long way, in our relationship. At first, I was kind of tough
on it. I mean...for a while, its best games were just a couple Nintendo 64 remakes. Hardly
a spectacular launch, but listen, we've gotten past that. The system's on a roll, things
are really picking up for it...so...
Wait, why are we getting another remake?
Look, I love Donkey Kong Country Returns. Alright? It's one of the best games ever done
for the Wii, it completely revitalized the Donkey Kong franchise...this game is a huge
deal, and it might actually be better than its given credit for. But I'm just a little
confused. I mean, unlike Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64...this game isn't old.
In fact, it's barely older than the 3DS.
So to me, the question is...what's the purpose? Why port such a recent game to the 3DS? I
mean, it sold really well on Wii, so...it's not like you're trying to recover losses.
And there's a ton of good games coming to the system, so it's not like you need this
release. The only thing I could see that would make this worthwhile is if the game were...really
improved, in some way. But it's not.
In fact, if anything...it's not as good.
Now, just so you don't get me wrong...this game's incredible. The problem isn't the game
itself. It's this new package. I mean, there's an easier difficulty mode and eight new remixed
levels, but aside from that...it's basically the same game. And again, it's actually a
lesser product. The graphics are less sharp, and the framerate's been dropped from 60 to
30...so the game isn't as smooth on the 3DS, either.
But of course, the catch with being just the same game in 3D...is that 3D part. This game
feels almost like it was designed for 3D. One of the great things about Donkey Kong
Country Returns is how it used depth, and that makes it a great fit for the 3DS. Maybe
that's why they ported it. There's certainly a coolness factor to blasting from barrel
to barrel in 3D. And having this masterpiece on the go is nice, too.
I don't mean to brush this game off. I just...that 3D coolness factor only goes so far, you know?
But the silky smooth gameplay and those gorgeous graphics of the Wii version?
That goes a lot further.
For more on the game itself, check out our nine freaking minute review of the original.
And look, if you didn't have a Wii and never played this game, don't even hesitate. This
is an amazing platformer, and it's a real testament to the people at Retro Studios...who
have proven themselves as some of the best developers in the industry. But if you've
never played this game and you do have a Wii...get that one, instead.
Bananas are better without sugar. So is Donkey Kong Country Returns.
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CGR Undertow - DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS 3D review for Nintendo 3DS

916 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on June 20, 2013
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