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In this English lesson you will learn
asking over 100 basic questions and how
to answer them. You would learn asking
questions related to personal
introducing yourself and saying hello
shopping related questions questions
with the word light and asking for
someone's opinion and suggestion these
questions will help you to keep the
conversation going and improve your
English so let's begin
"What's your name?" "My name's Jacob" "Where
are you from?" "I'm from London." "Where do
you come from?"
"I come from London." That's another way of
asking the question "Where are you from?"
"What's your surname?" "My surname is Brown."
"What's your family name?" "My family name is
Brown." this is another way of asking
someone's surname. Family name and
surname mean the same thing.
"What's your first name?" "My first name is
"What's your address?" "I stay at 13 United
street." "Where you live?" "I live in England."
"What's your telephone number?"
"My number is 845 845." "What's your email
address?" "You can email me at [email protected]
"How old are you?" "38, I am 38 years old"
"When and where were you born?" "I was born in
1974, in London." "Are you married?" "No, I am
"Yes, I'm married."
"What's your marital status?" "I'm married."
that's another way of asking if someone
is married.
It's a formal way of asking the
question "Are you married?"
"What do you do?" "I am an English teacher"
"What's your job?" "I teach English at the
high school?" "Where did you go?"
"I went shopping with a friend." "What did
you buy?"
"We bought some new clothes on sale." "Where
were you?" "I was in london for the weekend"
"Have you got a car?" "Yes, I have a
hatchback." A hatchback car has a full
with door at the back that opens upwards
to provide easy access for loading.
"Yes, I Drive a sedan." A Sedan is a four door
car that often seats 4 to 5 people and
has a closed roof.
"Have you got a house?"
"No, I live in a flat." "Have you got any
"Yes, I've got three children two boys and
a daughter."
"No, not yet."
"Can you play tennis?" "Yes I can play
"No, I play football."
"Can you speak English?" "No, I can't." "I speak
Mandarin." "Yes I can, but I am not fluent."
"I'm learning to speak English."
"Could you speak English when you were
five years old?"
"Yes, I could speak English when I was
five years old."
"No, I couldn't." "English is not my native
"How do you do?" "How do you do?"
"Pleased to meet you." "How are you?" "Fine
thanks." "And you?"
"How can I help you?" "Yes, I'm looking for a
sweater." "May I help you
"No thanks. I'm just looking around."
"Can I try this shirt?"
"Sure, the changing rooms are over there."
"Have you got something bigger?" "Certainly,
we've got larger sizes as well." "How much
does it cost?"
"It's on sale for thirty dollars."
"How much is it?" "This shirt is for fifty
"How would you like to pay?" "I would like
to pay by cash." "Can I pay by credit card?"
"Certainly, we accept all the major cards."
"What's that?" "It's a SmartWatch." "What time
is it?" "It's 10 O'clock. "May I open the
"Certainly, It's very hot in the office
today." "Is there a bakery near here?"
"Yes." "There is a bakery nearby, take the
next corner and it's next to the bank."
"Where is the nearest bank?" "The nearest
bank is on the United street." "Who wrote
this article?" "Michelle wrote this article,
The Sun Also Rises." "Is there any rice?"
"Yes there's a lot of rice left."
"Are there any sandwiches?"
"No, there aren't any sandwiches left. "Is
this your book?"
"No, I think it's his book." "Who is that?"
"It's Henry my sister's fiance." "What do
you like to do on weekends?" "I like
playing cricket, reading and listening to
pop music."
"What does she look like?" "She's tall and
slim with blonde hair."
"What would you like to eat?"
"I'd like a burger, chips and soda."
"What is it like to visit Thailand?" "It's
an interesting country, many things to
see and do."
"What's the weather like?" "It's raining
heavily at the moment." "Would you like
some coffee?"
"Yes thank you." "I'd like some coffee." "Would
you like something to drink?"
"Thank you." "Could I have a cup of coffee
and some cake?"
"What's it about?" "It's about a young girl
who has many adventures."
"What do you think about this book?" "I
think the book is very interesting." "Is it
difficult to score in IELTS exam?" "It's
not if you practice well."
"What are your views on Donald Trump, as
the America's President?" "That's a good
"Well I am speechless."
"How was the movie?" "It was very
interesting." "You should watch it."
"How do you feel about Clara?" "Clara is
quite friendly and helpful."
"How about I pick you up at 8 o'clock,
on my way to the airport?"
"Great." "I'll see you then."
"How about some lunch.?" "Sure, I am hungry."
"Why don't you take some time out and
"That's a good idea." "What shall we do this
"Let's go see a movie."
"Why don't we go out visit some old
friends this afternoon?"
"Yes, that sounds like a great idea."
"I have nothing to wear to the party.
"You could wear your Blue jacket and
black shoes." I hope you found this lesson
useful. Practice these questions to
improve your English. Subscribe to our
Channel and press the bell icon to get
notifications for new lessons added to
our channel. I will see you soon with
another English lesson, till then take
care and bye.
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Learn Basic English Questions & Answers for Conversation - English speaking practice for beginners.

3336 Folder Collection
yao published on February 28, 2017
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