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Elliot's completely K.O. he's been out drinking again last night, come home, eaten all the snacks in the fridge and it's not on. Time to teach him a lesson.
This is a mullet. If you don't know what a mullet is it's a hairstyle from like the 60's or 70's, 80's. I'm not sure.
I thought to myself, If I get some superglue, put the superglue in the mullet then put it on Elliot's head. Elliot will be "Rockstar Giles". Sorry Bro!
(Unintelligible background TV noise)
-Shit! Stop recording now!
Elliot calm down!
-What is this! -Elliot, Calm down!
Elliot: Why innit comin' off!
Excuse me!
It's superglued on.
Elliot! Elliot, What you doin'? Elliot, where you goin'?
Scissors! I need scissors!
Elliot, You can't cut it off, it's stuck to your skull.
NO! Stop Laughing!
Got my gas.
What d'you want?
-Cut it off. -I'm not cutting your hair Elliot.
You just said "Cut it off" you donk.
Ben, There's a main artery there and if that gets cut.
You're dead.
It's not gonna, Elliot I'm gonna hurt you or some'n
(Groaning noise)
It's not coming off. Take me to the shop. Shop!
What you doin'?
Practicing my hair! Ben: Why?
'Cause they're gonna call me rocker Giles Ben, May as well get my guitar. (Imitates Electric guitar)
(Slow-Motion replay)
-Am I laughing, Ben? No, Are you laughing as well? -Elliot, calm down.
It's all they want to see me Ben is look like an idiot!
-Elliot, calm down. Elliot: All the time!
-It's not their fault. -Not their fault, If it weren't their fault,Ben. They wouldn't like the bloody videos Ben: Alright, Chill. (Laughs)
Don't tell me to calm down Ben or I'll tell you to calm down, when I break your goddamned jaw!
You won't be able to speak, You'll speak like a goddamned "arrrnnn".
You need to go to a hairdresser not a hardware store.
No, A hardware store is DIY. Do it yourself so i'm gonna do it myself.
No, you don't take your hair off yourself in the hardware store. Any logical person would go to a hairdresser and get it chopped off.
-Not me. -Elliot, this is stupid. - Shut up!
What are you doin'? Elliot! Elliot! Stop.
-What? -You look like a doughnut! -You know what, I don't care. This is gonna go around your neck if you don't shut up!
-What are you doing? -Cutting off the hair what's it look like? -You've got to pay for that Elliot.
I ain't paying for shit! Ben: Alright! (Laughs)
-Going out -Where you goin'? (Laughs) Elliot!
-I'm goin' out with my Irish friends! -Why you wearing a hat Elliot? like that?
-Because Ben, It's style -A ponytail! (Laughs) -It's Style!
And guess what Ben. Stop Recording!
Elliot! You've broken my phone again.
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Ben Phillips | Super Wig PRANK!!! - I'm a bloody rockstar!

1515 Folder Collection
hikaru60633 published on February 27, 2017
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