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This is a sample from our full tutorials.
The one hour long shredder beginner pack thats now available at
Finally we are going to start doing some jumps. Before you start hitting blue jumps you should
start with side hits but i won´t be showing you side hits in this videos because every
side hit is different.
In all the shoots in this video I am doing the safety grab but ignore that now first
focus on just jumping then we will walk you through how to do the safety grab later.
When you are approaching the jump make sure your knees are slightly bent and that you keep
your eyes focused on the edge of the lip and you pop as much as you can just as you take
off you really want to have your legs absolutely straight! In the air you look towards the landing
this is going to help you lean forward a bit more so that you land perpendicular to the
landing equals to you land straight.
When you are approaching the jump make sure
you are standing shoulder width apart not more not less!
Common mistakes. See this guy is landing a little bit tail heavy. He is landing tail heavy
because he rides in with his legs straight and keeps them straight all the time without
popping and that normally result in a tail heavy landing so avoid that.
This guy is snow plowing in jumps and lands tail heavy. The snow plow is off course a no go!
But he is actually doing one good that is that he is trying to jump(pop) but his feet
are way too wide apart to get any pop and that results in a tail heavy landing so avoid this.
What you should do is ride relaxed into the jump with the knees slightly bent with
the eyes on the edge of the lip pop at the end and in the air look towards the landing
and stomp it man!
So I think you will learn how to jump on skis pretty fast in our whole tutorial pack we're
going through more advanced tricks such as your first grabs rails and boxes as well as
your first spins both riding backwards(switch) and forwards.
So if you feel ready to stomp some new tricks get yourself the shredder beginner pack and
don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram and you will be notified when
we drop new tutorials!
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63 Folder Collection
alex published on February 26, 2017
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