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Just a couple more additives, SpongeBob.
Oh, and try not to breathe the fumes.
- Is it Toxic Patty Tuesday?
- Barnacles, no, boyo.
The customers keep passing off their dirty, filthy money,
so we're cooking up the only solution powerful enough
to clean it.
- Well, then, let's get cleaning. - Hold on, kiddo.
We still have one more ingredient.
- How much do we need? - Careful, SpongeBob!
Just two drops of that stuff could...
- Got it. Two drops--
-...blow our faces off.
- Fax coming through, boss.
- We can get it later.
- Infiltration achieved.
Phase one, complete.
Now for phase two.
- Well, my dependable spatula, shall we?
- Wow! Phase two is great!
My favourite phase so far.
- No pulse!
We're losing him!
Hang in there, buddy!
- What's all the ruckus? - Clear!
- Pull yourself together, boy.
So your spatula snapped.
Go get yourself a new one!
- I'll never forget you.
(SLAPS) - Quit that, boy.
It's creepy.
"Spat-u-lers" can't talk.
And if I catch youse talking to your next one,
I'll lock you up in a padded kitchen.
- Just like clockwork.
(CHEERFUL WHISTLING) The twerp approaches.
Time for phase three.
- Oh, hi, Plankton!
What brings you to Harvey's Spatula Emporium?
- Oh, just picking up one of these.
Not that YOU'D know what it is.
- Well, judging from its diameter
and vermillion colour
I am looking at the handle cap
for a vintage Grill Force 700 spatula.
- Wow! A fellow spatula enthusiast, I see.
You're right, SpongeBob.
But with a few modifications,
it'll serve as the endcap for my Sizzlemaster.
- Well, I've never even heard of that model.
- Well, there IS only one.
And some say it has magical grilling powers.
- Wow! I must know more.
- Well, you could come over and check it out.
- That sounds thrilling!
But I do need to hurry back to work.
(KNOCKING) SpongeBob,
it's a magical spatula with a legend.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Onward to the Chum Bucket!
Hey, it's this way, kid.
Feast your absorbent eyes on this!
(GASPS) - Wow!
This is the greatest spatula collection
on the whole seafloor.
- These are nothing compared to...
The majestic Sizzlemaster!
Yes, SpongeBob,
I believe the Sizzlemaster has found its fry cook
The legend of the Sizzlemaster has been fulfilled!
And since you are its fry cook,
it will reduce your workload tenfold.
- Hey, that rhymes!
- Yes, a legend has been fulfilled today.
Go forth, SpongeBob.
Wouldn't want you to miss the lunch rush.
(SOFTLY) Or, as I like to call it,
phase four.
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SpongeBob SquarePants | Evil Spatula | Nickelodeon UK

7856 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on February 25, 2017
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