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Welcome, to the magical town of Cesky Krumlov
If you are ever in Prague
we definitely recommend a visit to the nearby town of Cesky Krumlov
We just arrived in Cesky Krumlov
We asked for a room that's a bit more quiet, so they put us all the way at the back.
This is the bathroom
it's clean!
and the toilet
and then you come in to here
there's a wardrobe
a little table with some chairs.
another little table with a TV
and then we got two single beds
and the receptionist said if we want to we can join the two beds together
and make it a double, but...
...we're just here for one night so it doesn't really matter
we have a pretty cool nice little window
Cesky Krumlov is situated on the banks of the Vltava river
in the Southern Bohemian region of Czech Republic
so we decided to go in search
for some authentic Bohemian cuisine
we asked out receptionist for a recommendation
and he told us to come to "Two Marys"
I'm hungry! So excited!
A: Yeh? Do you want to eat here? W: YES! A: Alright
I'm so hungry!
Although the restaurant only opened in 1990
the building itself dates back to the middle ages.
Can we get a table for two?
Yes, come in...
We didn't know what to expect when walking into this place
so we were pleasantly surprised
to find
there were tables
lined up along the river
Look how nice it is!
We even had a view of the famous Castle Tower
As we were sitting there
we were surprised to find a family pull up in a raft for lunch
we later found out, that rafting and canoeing is really popular on the Vltava river
This is my cabbage soup with daisies
It's uh...one daisy...
A: Good little sour tang
W: Yeh, it's like sourish, salty, herby...
A: It's not bad
This is our view for lunch
well late lunch, we're here at about 4:30 in the afternoon
You can see the clouds are getting dark
so we're worried it's gonna rain later
but it's ok
Oooh, here's our lunch!
This one is the rabbit and the pheasant
This is a traditional Bohemian Feast
and we ordered a serving for one for the pheasant and a serving for one for the rabbit
A: Ooh, it's like salad in the middle
and some sauerkraut
and some ham
this is like uh...
...almost like a bake of some sort
W: I see some corn inside
A: It's like a bake
W: It's like a potato cake, maybe
A: This is rabbit or lapin
and there's a pancakey thing here
and we got what they call a dumpling
it's like a spongy bread/dough
and we got some pheasant
again some casserole/bake
potatoes and a bit of ham
All the good stuff!
Ok! Now, we're gonna go walk around
W: I've almost finished my one A: Fresh!
The historic centre of Cesky Krumlov
Is a UNESCO world heritage site
wandering around, you will find a good mixture
of Gothic, Rennaisance and Baroque buildings
A: Oh! I thought you were taking a photo. I was full posing for a photo and you're recording. W: *Giggles*
W: Wandering the streets of Cesky Krumlov...
A: Cesky Krumlov!
W: We definitely recommend this place
Look! There's noone around us
A: Cos we are in the lower half of the town
W: Yeh, this is kind of like the residential area
A: So this is the synagogue here I guess, or is this the chapel?
W: No, there was an arrow pointing to the right
A: This must be St Martin's chapel then
um...according to our extremely colourful... look at that map
you don't get maps like this anymore guys
well according to this...
that was the synagogue
no wait! St Martins...
Oh no, that doesn't say Saint
it says "S.V."
W: What does that mean? A: Which probably means saint!
W: Does it? A: What else would it be?
We are so uneducated!
Wait til we go on our walking tour tomorrow
and then afterwards
we'll know a bit more about the city
and we'll be able to explain stuff in more detail
W: It's so pretty!
A: Look over there, there's a guy peeing in the bushes...
W: Oh! Um...I didn't want to see that!
Let's look over here...
Let's just...
...let's just go into the corner and just stand here while
W: is he done yet? A: Yeh!
W: Oh, ok
No his not!
A: Yeh, let's go down to the park W: Ok
A: We're not gonna go see the synagogue anymore W: *laughs*
Can we go into the park from here?
A: This is probably the worst blog W: EVER!
Literally following two tourists...
...deciding where to go
Others would be showing them the castle
the amazing towers they have
Nope! we're showing them...NOTHING...
W: I'm showing them some mossy path
I like the tree that's a bit lighter than all the other trees
look at that one
it's like yellowy
and oh look, among the trees, there's a random house there.
Doesn't this feel like Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood?
walking through the woods and running into some random house
oh, I left him behind. I'm talking to myself...
W: What are you doing back there?
A: Drinking some water
W: Ok
Drinking some water...
Woah! This is creepy...
...what are they?
This one has a golden...
This one has a little...
...golden bird on his shoulder
and this one has a golden...
...shell on his shoulder
I'm gonna get out of here...
The Cesky Krumlov town park
is a great place to explore and escape the crowds for a little while
From the park, you can also get an amazing view
of the St Vitus Church
The medieval town of Cesky Krumlov
has so many interesting stories
that we couldn't resist joining a ghost tour at night
We highly recommend a company called "Wiseman Free Tours"
They run free tours during the day, and at night they run ghost tours for a small fee
Our guide Jan was so friendly
and it was so nice to learn about the town from a local
A: This is our guide...
on our ghost tour
and this next to him is the ghost!
Everyone: *laughs* W: Imagine that!
A: If it comes up on camera, I'll send it to you J: YEH!
Thanks for watching guys
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram
and don't forget to check out my blog
if you want to help keep this channel going
don't forget to check out my Patreon page as well.
See you in the next video!
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TRAVEL VLOG #16: Cesky Krumlov - Looking for Ghosts in Cesky Krumlov

786 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on February 24, 2017
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