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Hey what's good everyone it's ya boy Motoki, how you doing you good?
I'm good.
I realized that I've never done an apartment tour for some reason, so that's what's going
down today.
We'll start out here at the entrance I live in apartment 421, I know we were so close.
Alright lets go ahead and get started.
Right when you walk in we have the dining room, not gonna lie we found this table right
next to a dumpster, like 100% serious not even kidding.
Don't know why someone threw it away, I mean, we cleaned it of course it looks pretty nice now.
I'm rally happy with the chairs that we got, they're super cool, plus, their comfortable.
Got that fruit bowl cause you already know we living healthy.
Over here on the side have a little dartboard.
Love to play darts here and there.
Over across the room we have a kitchen.
Fridge here, we like to keep it nice and full because we fat asses.
I mean there's not much to say this is your standard kitchen, you already know we got
the pantry stocked with all sorts of goodies like bread, bagels, basil onion powder.. a
little oregano..
Over here is the living room, I love this room a lot, it's probably my favorite, it
has a aesthetically pleasing minimalist vibe to it.
If you couldn't tell I have a lot of plants in here.
Got some plants over here another plant over here, more plants over here, plant here, yes
I like plants okay.
Yo check this out, Echo, turn off the living room lights.
- No do it yourself you ugly piece of shit.
Over on the wall we have these two paintings I think they fit really well in the living room.
Their super original, you won't find anything else like these paintings.
Oh nono bro, you're not supposed to show that part.
TV over here to watch movies and YouTube videos, and up above we have photographs of all the roommates.
We're really channeling our Steve Jobs here, I'd say we're a pretty good looking group
of guys.
Oh, and we're all single so feel free to hit us up.
Alright so out here we got the balcony.
It's pretty nice, not the greatest view, I'm not gonna lie.
And over here on the ledge we have a "Don't Jump" sign because sometimes I have to remind
myself not to jump.
Oh yo Justus!
Over here, Justus, what's good man?
Hey let's just cut that last part out.
Over here we have the herb garden, clearly there aren't any herbs or spices in their
I had to take them out so that I can grow weed.
I mean.. there were weeds in there..
So I had to take..
I took them out.. yeah.
Here we got a table with some chairs with some succulents on top.
Looks really nice you can sit out here, get some fresh air have a good, nice, relaxing time.
In the corner we got some more succulents because apparently I don't have enough fucking
plants already.
I got this from a friend of mine, she knew I liked plants so she gave this to me, I don't
really get it though cause it just looks like a penis.. yeah..
Over here through this door, we have my room.
Which I also share with my boy Sam right here what's good my man.
This is my bed, it's only a twin size because it only ever needs to fit me in it so..
I'm a big fan of this window, it's got a nice view.
Dude, check out that sunset it's actually pretty dope.
Up above my bed I have this New York City neon light which I thought was super funny
because you know I obviously live in LA..
It's a real neon light too.
I really good friend of mine from high school actually got this for me.
He lives in New York City now, obviously.
I think the vintage feel of this and the look of it kinda...
This is my bookshelf where you guessed it, I have books.
They're mostly motivational self-help type books, I know, I'm kinda lame.
Then right next to it I have all the stuff I need for my classes.
Here is my desk where I do most of my work.
I have my lamp, my pencil holder that doubles as a calendar, iphone dock, world's greatest
dad mug, but I mean, you can call me daddy.
And also a plant because I fucking love plants.
Up top we have my chalkboard with my to-do list of all the very important things I need
to accomplish.
And up above that we have my biggest fan.. never gets old.
In here is the bathroom, it's pretty simple, I mean we have sinks on this end, toilet in
this corner, shower in here.
Yeah, I mean you guys have seen bathrooms before I'm trying to think if there's anything
else that we can talk about but.. yeah that's pretty much it.
In this door we have my closet.
Oh sorry, that's embarrassing.
Sam and I keep all our clothes in here, sorry that it's a little bit dirty I didn't really
feel like cleaning or anything like.
OHH... ahh..
In the corner here we have my safe with my most prized possession locked away making
sure it's safe, there we go, picture of Obama.
What a guy.
Over on the opposite side of the apartment we have my roommates room, uh, I won't show
it's kinda their room I guess, well, actually, they probably wouldn't mind.. it's nice and...
Okay, well, that's why we don't go in there.
Over here we have the washer and dryer and in this room we have the other roommates'
Nothing really special to see in there.
Let me show you other places around the building.
This is the lounging area, it's very romantic. Right here is the fireplace.
Oh what's my mixtape doing in here.
Here's the pool I never use because I'm too self-conscious about my body.
This is the gym I never use because I'm too lazy.
And we are back it the apartment.
I hope that you like watching a little bit more of my every day life.
If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up to let me know.
Let's try to reach one billion likes because I'm dead inside.
Feel free to comment and subscribe if you want, but otherwise, I'll see you guys next, Motoki Monday.
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My Apartment Tour!

501 Folder Collection
a.g.418522 published on February 21, 2017
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