Basic 1943 Folder Collection
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Everybody got their helmets and boards?
I am ready!
Ok, Ferb! Fire it up! We're going to Foamtown!
There's nothing that I found As good as going round and round
In Foamtown! (In Foamtown.)
I used to skin my knees, But here it doesn't matter where I fall.
I used to skin my knees, But here it doesn't matter where I fall.
You'll never get scarred 'Cause nothing's really hard in Foamtown
So take a rolling ride On a squeezable urban sprawl.
Come on down to Foamtown! (Yeah!)
There's no bruises or concussions,there's no painful repercussions, There's no braces, there's no bandages, no hospital stay.
If you jump and try to land it, you can eat it or face-plant it And you know that your insurance plan will not have to pay.
Come on down to Foamtown.
Just come on down to Foamtown.
Just come on down to Foamtown!
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Phineas and Ferb - Foamtown

1943 Folder Collection
朱威丞 published on February 19, 2017
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