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  • Darn!

  • It didn't work, Phineas

  • What else you got?

  • Oh, we've got plenty.. If you're up for it..

  • I guess so..

  • Come let's tip-toe into the dark.

  • One good scare ought to do it!

  • You'll find our bite much worse then our bark!

  • One good scare ought to do you some good!

  • If you should find the daily grind a tad bit taxing on my mind to help unwind it so inclined,

  • I have a small suggestion!

  • That if you dare into my lair you should prepare for quite a scare!

  • But will you share in this nightmare, will be my only question.

  • If your hair lies lifeless and limp, one good scare ought do you are.

  • Come with me now don't be a wimp!

  • One little scare ought to do you some good.

  • That is quite right I would delight it taking flight into the night and finally give you such a fright

  • You know I surely would!

  • But, if I seem a bit extreme at my attempts to make you scream.

  • Remember that this spooky scheme will cure your hiccups for good!

  • One little, one little

  • One little, one little

  • One little scare ought to do you some good!


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Phineas & Ferb - One Good Scare Ought to Do You Some Good!

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    朱威丞 posted on 2017/02/18
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