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Welcome to Madrid
It's day 5, 6:30am in the morning
in Barcelona
and we are walking to the station
cause we need to catch the train
back to Catalunya
where we have to catch an Aerobus
to the airport
and then we're gonna head on to Madrid.
I just wanted to show you the street
it is so quiet here right now!
Jenny was just commenting on these tiles on the floor,
they make your luggage so loud!
From Barcelona to Madrid,
it is only 1 hour 20 minutes by flight.
We are in Madrid!
It's so easy to get around Madrid,
the airport even has it's own Metro station.
For our stay in Madrid,
we chose to stay in another Airbnb apartment.
The apartment was so clean
and had everything we needed for our stay.
It was also in a really convenient location,
within walking distance to Plaza Mayor.
We even had 3 balconies,
which provided different viewpoints over the city.
Walked right past the lift...
It was about a 10 minute walk
from our apartment to Plaza Mayor.
Nearby we found this amazing local takeaway store.
Look at this guy,
squatting here on the street with his goodies.
A: Oh my god! W: What is it?
So, it's so simple
calamari on a bread roll.
I already had one of the calamari pieces,
they're so busy,
it's cooked fresh all the time.
You can see if you go to the window
there's like 3 big deep-fryers
just full of calamari
and the guy just packs 'em in.
So cheap!
2.70 euro.
What did you get?
A lollipop!
and what's this?
I don't know, something that looks yummy!
Yummy, yummy!
Is it like potatoes or something like that?
Not sure, it looks like potatoes.
But...I'm not sure...
J: Potato Potato W: Eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, let us know!
It's hot!
Is it spicy?
I don't know.
Looks spicy!
It is potato.
It is just potato? Oh!
As this was our first time in Madrid
we decided to join a free walking tour.
Our guide took us through some of the back streets of Madrid
and told us a lot about the history of the city.
we felt a bit like she was reading out of a textbook,
so we ended up leaving halfway.
That's the thing with free walking tours,
you pay what you think it's worth,
and do not feel obligated to stay for the entire thing.
Armed with a map, we went to explore the city on our own.
We ended up here,
at the Sabatini gardens,
Which has a beautifully landscaped,
maze-like garden
Now, we're just making our way to the market,
where we will have some food.
*puff* It's a bit of an uphill walk...
Look at this one, swinging past!
making it seem like it's nothing...
...and here I am, puffing out!
Here we are at Mercado de San Miguel,
one of the most popular markets among tourists in Madrid.
This market is not your traditional grocery market...
...instead, it is a gourmet tapas market.
mmm....so many choices!
Look! It's the Museum of Jamon!
Jamon is the Spanish word for ham,
and Spain is especially famous
for it's Serrano and Iberico hams.
Did you know?
Eating ham became a huge part of the Spanish culture
during the Spanish Inquisition,
when families would hang
huge legs of ham outside their house
to symbolize that they were Christian,
as Jews and Moors did not eat pork.
Leaving the dark history behind,
you will find that jamon is now a huge part of Spanish cuisine.
One can not come to Spain, without eating some jamon!
Look at all the goodness!
Look at all that goodness!
So, at the moment, we're at the museum,
but not any museum!
the best museum in the world, people!
That's right!
It's a meat museum!
W: Ham museum...
W: Jamon!
Sorry, it's a jamon museum.
They have a great deal here at the moment.
You get this,
...ok, well, I'm trying to get the beer that's half drunk.
This one has a little bit more liquid in it...
...and you get that
and it's only 3.90 euro!
I'm so happy!
It's really tasty!
This is "homeless Jenny".
She's been homeless for a whole 5 minutes!
to lollies!
lots and lots of lollies!
W: Hello Kitty! It's Hello Kitty!
We are at 100 Montaditos.
Everything here is 1 euro,
well, most things.
What's this one?
Pork jaw, but it's actually Pork cheek...
...in red wine.
W: Yum! A: So, it's like pulled pork!
W: and it comes with a side of chips.
A: comes with a bit of chips,
W: and that was 1 euro?
A: 1 euro! plus this 1 euro!
so 2 euros
plus this 1 euro
plus this 1.50 euros
So, this...
was more expensive
than a beer!
A: Unbelievable! W: But, it's peach juice! and it's good peach juice.
So, we were lost for ages and we wandered into this hotel to get some directions...
A: You should of filmed the actual guy!
J: We ran into Sergio Fernando Gonzales! A: Gonzales!
W: he was...
an amazing person,
he gave us so many tips
and pointers, he wrote down all these different places to eat
for us so we don't have to wander around all lost.
A: Amazing! so we're gonna have, what are we gonna eat?
We're going to eat some...snails...
W: We're going to eat... A: Why are you filming the street?
So we're gonna eat snails,
we're also going to eat some...
grilled sardines!
and he recommended a few omellette places...
that were really good.
And, also, we found out you can get a suckling pig
oh yeh, that!
but the only place that has it is...
over 50 euros!
J: too pricey! W: and we're not really here for long enough
but, we will be back in Madrid,
and we will have that one day!
J: Thank you Sergio!
Did we ever tell you that we love collecting toys and figures?
So we got some snails!
W: and then we got some bread as well A: Oh, you gotta have some of this, it's really refreshing!
What's that you got?
so that's exactly the drink I was saying!
it's a red wine with soda
W: Verano....Tinto? (Tinto de Verano) A: Yes, that's exactly it!
but it's slighty different, every place does it different,
because they use a different base for the red wine...
and then it's just Lemonade
Alright, so we're here...
Beautiful! So you gotta grab a snail,
Just stab it!
just pull it out slowly
this one's a little one...
really nice chewy texture,
and of course it's been soaked in that stew pot,
for so long, that it's so flavoursome!
you can see there's a little bit of soup/stew in there?
that's really good!
Oh! That's! That's fantastic!
and don't forget you got to dip it with some bread...
Yep, so you got some bread here to soak up the stew from the sides.
but, we'll do that at the end.
It's Lamb Intestines!
W: deep fried? A: Yep, it's fried Lamb Intestines.
Look at this!
it's fried Lamb Intestines!
So weird!
Look at the texture on it.
Lamb Intestine!
Very crunchy!
Yeh, it's really crunchy.
it tastes like... slightly like crackling...
A: Like what?
W: Slightly like crackling... A: Crackling!
and it's bitter...
Put some lemon and salt on it.
You put lemon and salt on it, right?
Lemon and salt makes it easier to eat...
I can imagine if it didn't have lemon and salt,
it would just be bitter.
But, with the lemon and salt it tastes quite nice.
it slightly reminds me of liver,
but not soft,
instead it's crunchy!
W: It's really weird. A: because it's fried.
Cause you never have fried liver.
That's something you would never fry.
Yeh, so it tastes like liver. I like liver!
So it's just like cooked liver!
Liver chips!
*giggle* yeh deep fried liver...
This place is highly recommended
and everything is just so tasty.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on instagram and facebook.
See you in the next video!
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TRAVEL VLOG #5: Madrid Part 1/2 - Foodie Heaven: Eating Jamon, Snails & Intestines

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Winny Luong published on February 17, 2017    Debra Liu translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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