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I've always had goals to be the best.
I’ve loved the competition for everything.
It’s my life. It’s my job. It’s my love.
My name is Jesse Bray
I’m a 5-goal American polo player.
I was born in New Zealand, grew up in California.
I’m 23 years old.
I started playing professionally when I was 16 years old
it’s when got my first pay cheque for playing Polo.
My dad’s played professional his whole life
he made it to a 7-goal handicap.
My goal has always been to be better than him.
Polo is definitely considered a luxury sport.
I’ve travelled a lot to play Polo.
There are some low places and there are some high places
and Santa Barbara is definitely one of the highest places to be.
La Martina has the role of growing this sport of polo.
They can get the word out to a lot of high class people
who bring the high class to the polo world.
To play in the high level it’s all about horses.
I’m constantly looking for new horses.
I’m improving my string all the time
investing every dollar I make trying hundreds of horses
to find one that fits perfect.
Trying a horse is similar to trying, buying a new car.
You want to make sure you’re in love with it
it’s a great comparison having the top-end cars
compared to the top-end horses.
To play polo is not a matter of just being a part
of a small group of lucky people.
To reach this kind of exclusivity
is something you can get just step by step.
It is a lot about hard work.
It’s not as what everybody sees from the outside.
I’d wake up every morning by 6:45
so I’m at the barn at 7.
I spend pretty much all day
getting the horses ready for the games.
I’m riding 4 or 5 hours a day.
Horses are athletes as well.
They feel different.
What’s really important: to get your horse in top condition
to play at its best.
If you watch from a couple of years ago to now
you see the difference in every horse.
They’re always improving.
I spend a lot of time with the horses
so there are a lot of things you miss in life.
It’s some sacrifices you make but it makes up for it.
My goal has always been to make it to an 8-goal handicap
I’ll get there.
It’s not a ‘hoping to be’
it’s going to happen.
I think my dad will be proud of me.
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Maserati and La Martina present: Polo Stories - Episode 3 - Exclusivity

428 Folder Collection
罐頭瑜 published on February 16, 2017
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