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  • Toy Story 3 is only the third animated feature to ever be nominated in this category, and

  • surprisingly, the first ever sequel to be nominated without its predecessors receiving

  • any nominations... Toy Story 3 picks up many years after the last two films, but as you'd

  • expect, it's as if they never left. By now, 15 years removed the original - the classic

  • that redefined Hollywood as the first-ever feature-length CGI film, our heroes Woody

  • and Buzz Lightyear are household names - their adventures of misfortune, discovery, rescue,

  • and love are timeless. This time around, owner Andy is off to college, but that's not before

  • all of his toy's are mistakenly donated to a hellish day-care center. Luckily for them,

  • Woody is on the outside, and helps stage the greatest prison-break type escape in the history

  • of animated movies. While the effects are once again top-notch, the jokes family-friendly,

  • and hilarious, the voice-acting inspired, the environments creative, and exciting, and

  • the characters well-developed, and memorable... none of it would matter without an emotional

  • connection. Luckily, that's where this film comes through in spades, with a strong final

  • act that is sure to make even toughest of men tear-up as they watch the adventures of

  • Woody, Buzz, Jesse, Rex, and the rest come to a close for the final time. And although

  • this film is able to recapture the magic of the original, it unfortunately does not recapture

  • it's uniqueness. By now, Toy Story is familiar... and not much is done here to really spark

  • new life into the aging series. None of the amazing actors, or it's director are nominated

  • here - but that's sort of the second-hand treatment animated films typically receive

  • on Oscar night. Nevertheless, this is a film that effectively brings us all back to our

  • childhood, conjuring up intense feelings of heart-felt nostalgia and family. It is a truly

  • remarkable accomplishment that in just three short films, Pixar has created some of film's

  • most enduring and lasting characters - which is no wonder why "Toy Story 3" went on to

  • gross over a billion dollars worldwide, making it the highest grossing film of 2010. If you're

  • like me, and you grew up loving the original films, this latest installment doesn't disappoint.

  • "Toy Story 3", a "fun bittersweet reunion for everyone". Well, those are my thoughts,

  • now let's read some of yours.

  • Overwhelmingly positive response there, so it's no surprise that rate-o-matic is showing

  • a NINE and a TEN for Toy Story 3. Despite a bit derivative of the originals, this is

  • an absolutely fabulous film - go see it with your family if you haven't already, I thought

  • it was AWESOME. None of you had anything bad to say about this film... you though it was


Toy Story 3 is only the third animated feature to ever be nominated in this category, and

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