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Wow, Wow.
They're excited to see a real celebrity instead of what they had to see in the monologue.
How are you? Congratulations by the way on your Oscar nomination,
very well-deserved, you did a, I mean, really great job on that movie.
I thought it was just fantastic!
And now, you're-- Did you watch the Super Bowl by the way?
Is that something on your radar?
I watched, yea it was on, FOR SURE.
-And I paid attention to it... sometimes. -Uh, okay.
-Especially that overtime. -'Cause it's like the Oscar of football really, in a way.
And in a way the Oscars are like the Super Bowl of acting.
It's so nice having both complement each other in a way.
In a way, you're the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl of acting,
and it seems like maybe you should've watched the game to prepare.
-I did watch the game... sort of. -You did... sort of, yea.
-And that's no offense but i just don't understand the difference between like a fumble and a interception. -They're both bad.
My brother was a high school quarterback.
I honestly would ruin his games when I would see,
I was like, "FUMBLE!"
They were like, that is NOT a fumble!
I don't know how it has still not sunk in, but I'm an idiot.
Does he know anything about your profession? Does he, he have knowledge about acting?
- The rules are simpler, you know what I mean? - I see, okay.
- He's not on set yelling "Cut!" in the middle of something. - No, no, he's not.
He's more considerate than you are, that's what you're saying.
He's more considerate than I am, and less, you know, of a, you know, an absolute moron.
Will you bring your brother to the Oscars with you? I know you brought him to the Golden Globes with you.
He's coming...
Something weird happened at the Golden Globes show, and we have a clip of it I wanted to play.
Now Damien Chazelle, director and writer for your film,
I think it was for Best Screenplay he won,
We'll show that clip because, we'll examine it.
Damien Chazelle!
- Now, let's take a look at that again, in slow motion - Oh okay.
Tell us what's occuring here as Damien goes and kisses his girlfriend.
Damien certainly wants to hug NOT me! Okay.
You gotta choreograph that stuff you know,
for such a highly choreographed film, it's kinda ridiculous.
I'm not a highly choreographed person, in general.
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Emma Stone on Awkward Golden Globes Moment

47306 Folder Collection
Jerry shiu published on February 16, 2017    Mii Wei translated    reviewed
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