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This is my boy, Harry Styles.
I love it when he smiles.
If you are going solo this Valentine’s Day, don’t fret.
I’ve got you covered.
You could be my Valentine!
All you have to do is buy me pizza.
But really, I have six gifts to help you go solo this Valentine’s Day in style.
Gift number one: have a date night with your celebrity crush.
Do you love The Rock?
Pop on your favorite Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson movie.
What about the One Direction documentary?
Get that going as well.
His lips are so full.
I say you buy yourself a nice fuzzy robe, a really cool popcorn machine, kick back, relax, and indulge in yourself.
Gift number two: take yourself on a solo trip.
Pack up a nice backpack, grab yourself some bluetooth headphones, a travel journal to
record all of your great stories, and buy a hat and some gloves to bundle up.
Take yourself to a museum, a new city, you might even want to go hiking.
Anything to get yourself out of your normal daily routine and doing something really fun.
Gift number three: gather all of your single friends together for a Valentine’s Day secret admirer gift exchange.
It’s kind of like Secret Santa but two months later in the year.
Step one: invite all of your single friends over.
Hey single Lucie.
I love your shirt.
Oh thanks, Lucie.
You’re welcome.
Put all of your names into a bowl and pick somebody out.
I got Lucie.
If you have a friend who loves taking selfies but can never seem to find the light, they
have these awesome phone cases now that light up right in your face.
Really makes it (look) like you’re standing at a vanity.
Gift number four: allow yourself to pick up a new hobby.
Something I've always wanted to do is learn to fly a drone so I bought myself a Valentine’s Day drone.
Just be very careful, these are really dangerous and they can be illegal in New York City if you don’t have a permit.
Do we have a permit?
Simulate the drone flying.
Fly drone, fly!
Gift number five: use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to try a new class that you’ve always wanted to try.
My personal favorite is pottery class.
I made myself this coffee mug.
Sitting at the pottery wheel is so relaxing.
It really helps to flex these creative and physical muscles as well.
It’s really hard.
Gift number six: if you love sports, become part of your favorite sports team by making yourself a custom jersey and koozie so you can watch the game in style.
Uhhh sports!
Those are my six gift ideas for a single’s Valentine’s Day.
Thank you so much for watching and Happy Valentine’s Day.
Come here Harry, come here.
Ohh Harry!
Alright. Great. Cut!
Hey guys! Thanks so much for watching.
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See ya!
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6 Genius Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Yourself | Valentine's Day Gift Guides | Refinery29

21028 Folder Collection
Zoey published on March 29, 2017    Zoey translated    Kiara reviewed
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