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  • The new Xbox One reveal, Sony and Nintendo stock climbing as a result, and Final Fantasy

  • VIII for the PC. Hey guys, I'm Jess, and this is the Curse Weekly Roundup!

  • Well, how 'bout that Xbox One? Microsoft's next console opened to...a mixed audience.

  • Sure, we've got the die hard Xbox fans preaching "just wait until they announce more games,

  • you'll all RUE the day you insulted the Xbox One!" and then we've got the larger, more

  • vocal group, saying "welp, I guess PS4's the way to go!"

  • Well, we now know MORE deets about this next-gen console - first, if you missed the announcement,

  • go ahead and check out our butthurt-inducing video recap which we'll link the description.

  • Go ahead, pause this video for a minute and go watch it. K are we all caught up? Well,

  • NOW we know that the Xbox One is NOT backwards compatible, AND after initial installation,

  • Microsoft will be charging a fee to link that same game disc to a second Xbox Live account,

  • meaning it's definitely limiting the market for used games. It's also going to be HDTV-compatible

  • only, so you can't use it with a standard def TV, and Microsoft's Azure cloud services

  • will allow developers to make games that can't be played offline, but the always-on thing

  • isn't a requirement yet.

  • I'm not even gonna touch any of that, I'll just leave you with this fun fact: Nintendo

  • and Sony's stock prices BOTH rose directly after the Xbox One announcement - Nintendo

  • saw an increase of about 2.2 percent that day, but Sony's stock rose by 9.3 percent.

  • I think we all know that's PROBABLY not a coincidence, but what do you guys think? Leave

  • me a comment and lemme know - is Microsoft on their way out? Did Sony just win the next-gen

  • console war?

  • Moving on from the Xbox One...Final Fantasy VIII is coming to the PC. Square Enix announced

  • this week that the PC version will have hi-res graphics, but no news on whether there'll

  • be any new features. It'll also make the Chocobo World mini-game easier to access since with

  • the PS2 version you needed the PocketStation, which was only sold in Japan or sometimes

  • at anime conventions. This news is actually garnering some mixed opinions - on the one

  • hand, those who never played VIII can now do so, but on the other hand, this doesn't

  • seem have add much in the way of replay value so it's not really bringing anything to the

  • table for prior Final Fantasy VIII fans. What do you think? Pick it up or skip it? Lemme

  • know in the comments.

  • Finally, flying under the radar of many, Dust 514 was released last week....on 5/14. Get

  • it? Well, if you're not aware, Dust 514 is an FPS that takes place in the EVE universe

  • - it's a PS3 exclusive that actually integrates with EVE Online - things you do in Dust can

  • affect EVE's world, and vice-versa. One of the coolest features of the game is how customizable

  • it is - choose your skills, weapons, even what kind of vehicle you wanna use to take

  • the enemies down. Oh, and did I mention it's free-to-play? If you wanna know more about

  • Dust 514, check out our full game write-up, we'll link to that in the video description.

  • And before I let you go, I just wanted to remind you to check out our latest IRL video

  • if you haven't already. This one features me and James learning moves from a pro MMA

  • fighter - thanks to Alienware, we got to meet Amir Sadollah and have the workout of a lifetime

  • learning to punch, kick, and put each other in a choke hold. And it turns out, I'm stronger

  • than I look - watch teh video and you'll see what I mean. A huge thankyou to Alienware

  • for making that happen!

  • And that wraps up the Roundup! Be sure to subscribe if you haven't already, and give

  • this video a Like if you like gaming news! Thanks for watching, enjoy the game.

The new Xbox One reveal, Sony and Nintendo stock climbing as a result, and Final Fantasy

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