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  • I could probably just let this video run for a length of time and you’d get the picture.

  • It’s Mega Man... the Kart racer. Because why should Mario and Sonic and Diddy Kong

  • have all the fun? Well, “funis kind of a subjective term here. As far as Kart

  • racers go, Battle & Chase is pretty far from optimized, especially in the realms of controls

  • and balance. The gulf between Mario Kart and this thing is about the size of the gulf between

  • SSX Tricky and... that snowboarding mini-game from Final Fantasy VII. (Which got an update

  • as a mobile phone game, and what the hell is up with THAT.) But, as Mega Man games are

  • wont to do, Battle & Chase achieves notoriety by being... well, a racing game inspired by

  • Mega Man, which lets you swipe parts from your defeated opponents for the purpose of

  • improving your own racer. And that’s pretty freakinawesome.

  • Upon choosing your racer and their interestingly-named vehicle (which may welcome a lawsuit from

  • either Konami or Media Vision, unless you just go and rename the kart yourself), You

  • select from a number of courses, each featuring another named racer as well as a couple generic

  • Joes just there to take up space. I have to admit, getting a 3D model of the track before

  • you compete IS a nice touch. And then you race. As per usual, there’s an items system

  • that lets you debilitate your opponents, though instead of just hitting an item box and BAM

  • turtle shells, you actually have to accumulate points by blasting or running over the various

  • Mets and traffic-cone-looking robots littering the field. Upon hitting your quota, the item

  • roulette automatically starts, blessing you with mines or invincibility or whatever. Youve

  • also got a power bar up there in the top left, which can be discharged before it’s full

  • for a moderate effect (depending on which racer youre using) or saved until it hits

  • capacity for a stronger boost-slash-weapon-slash-jump or something. It’s kinda like CO powers

  • in Advance Wars. There you have it, Advance Wars to Mega Man Racing in one step.

  • So maybe it’s not an A-1 title. Heck, the original PlayStation version never even saw

  • a release in the states, instead heading directly to Europe from Japan. Didn’t see you getting

  • all Project Rainfall about this one, did I? Exactly. But, if you must get your robot-centric

  • racing on (and maybe you just want to see Roll all decked out in racing gear, and I’m

  • not even gonna judge), it’s included in the Mega Man X Collection for PS2 and Gamecube,

  • unlocked by beating X, X2, and X3. Maybe it’s not more obscure than Battle Chip Challenge.

  • Oh well, in the absence of Rock Board - the Mega Man meets Itadaki Street mashup - or

  • that woeful PC version of Mega Man 3 (which had nothing at all to do with the REAL Mega

  • Man 3), itll have to do.

I could probably just let this video run for a length of time and you’d get the picture.

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